Question from SaikaiBushido

Asked: 3 years ago

Are the guys on the box cover Ezio's assassins?

I remember from the commercials and previews seeing these guys running around assassinating soldiers for Ezio, and I was wondering if you ever got to recruit them. Because as it stands all my assassins look pretty plain, in the standard white robes. I was expecting a team of unique assassins with their own roles to play in the storyline, rather than a band of random citizens all dressed in the same outfit. So do these guys show up later, or do the generic assassins eventually get the unique gear and individual personalities portrayed in the previews?

Accepted Answer

From: bobbychez 3 years ago

No they are not Ezio's Assassin's. The brotherhood are actually pretty plain in appearance. The characters on the front of the box are from the multiplayer component of the game. They are the player skins that you can use during online multiplayer.

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