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Asked: 4 years ago

Capture the Flag achievement? (Remove all Borgia Flags in Rome)

I completed and passed all the Shrines but didn't remove any Flags is their a possible way to get them?

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Shrines? do you mean romulus's lairs ? if so then i dont think you can get back in, i left the shrunken head in the lair and i have replayed that sequence and the lair was not on the map =( .

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Yes!!!, replaying that mission from the DNA you can get back and look for the flags you didn't grabbed the first time. If you are having problem finding those Borgia Flags, go to this link:

h t t p : / / Assassins-Creed:-Brotherhood-Trophy-Guide

Here you can find some videos to help you locate your remaining flags and any other thing you need. You can also search some videos on You Tube.

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Thanks! :)

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