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Asked: 3 years ago

I'm thinking of getting this game or call of duty black ops which do I get?

I'm thinking of getting this game or call of duty black ops which do I get?

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AC: Brotherhood. Great story and even better online. The only reason i wouldnt recommend this game is if you havent played AC 1 or 2.

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Now I own both and there kinda hard to compare. However brotherhood is excellent good story good multiplayer and a longlasting appeal, although 161366 is right about playing the earlier ones u don't need to play ac1 and though playing number 2 will help u understand the story all you'll really b missing is the experience since in the begining the game gives u a run through of the last game. Black ops on the other hand has a ok story but after u beat it all you'll really b playing is multiplayer and maybe zombies. The gameplay is good but can b frustrating at times since u will have some one "camping" or other things. My final verdict if u have live then it's kinda a personal choice I'd probably recommend black ops if u don't have live AC BH all the way. If u still can't decide watch some YouTube videos for each and see which u like more.

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It depends what you like.
ACB has better singleplayer and story and CoD Black Ops has better multiplayer.
They are both amazing games though.

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AC: Brotherhood

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