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Asked: 3 years ago

Missions help please?

K so here's the thing got this game yesterday have played ac2 and don't have the money to so don't make any comments on that. So my question is besides the missions highlighted with the little x how do I initiate the other missions ie. Shop quests, escorts,Carolina mission or what ever they are and such, and will they show up on my map if they do what do they look like. Also how do I recruit assassins to send on missions. Ps I'm in memory block 3 just started it. Please try to be as detailed as possible with minimal spoilers. My gamer tag is oXObsidianXo please add me if u think u can help me cause I really want to enjoy this game to it's full potential. Thank you sooo much in advance again please add me if u need to give a more detailed explanation or if u just wanna play with me.

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What about redoing missions?

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From: HoshunMk112 3 years ago

Shop quests are active at all times. Just collect the items they ask for and deliver them to the appropriate shop. Every other quest will show up on your map when they become available.

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Redoing missions is done by pausing the game and selecting the appropriate memory from the DNA strand.

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