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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I solve 5th Romulus Lair?

In 5th Romulus lair, how do I get to the second chandelier lever ? I keep falling when I jump to platform from the wood beam.

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It's the lair inside the dilapidated mansion of the Pope. It is only jumping.

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I can't be the only person having trouble here.I shoot the first sandbag, I jump and climb all the way across the room. I am on a wood plank looking down at the platform where the second sandbag is. How the hell do I get to the second sandbag?!? I've tried this about 30 times now. I've tried landing on the ledge by the window--I fall and die. I've tried landing on the eagle perch, I fall and die. What the hell is the trick?

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It's the Palazzo Laterno Lair.

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From: overcracker 3 years ago

I though you were earlier in the lair. Not as far as sand bag shooting

3 sand bags. The first one outside the treasure room, once shot opens a gate on the far side of the church. Go in through that gate, and climb up using the wall to the higher walkway. The second bag is there by the end of the wall.

Once that one is shot, go back where you came from and get on the railing overlooking the bottom of the church.

Walk towards the altar on the railing until you hit the column, there should be a ring on the column you can grab on to. Shimmy around the column, and drop back onto the railing. Turn left and Jump across onto the wooden scaffolding and use it to jump to the other side of the walkway.

Go back onto the railing and climb the nearest column. You should climb all the way to the top. and then make your way across the beams above and towards the large tainted glass on the side of the church opposite the altar. From there just use the wooden planks on the glass, to move down, you'll eventually need to drop to a lower plank, and then jump over to the railing for the last bag.


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Since you can do them in any order you want once they are available, perhaps you'd like to tell us what Lair you are referring to.

If you are referring to the fifth one in order in the DNA menu, then there's no real difficulty there as you are just following the Bishop.

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I though so.
As for the chandeliers, if you are referring to the room with the 5 chandeliers you need to jump across, jump straight east form the balcony to the first 2 chandeliers, then simply turn to your right, and jump to the next one directly south.

You may need to get a running start, so back up to the edge of the chandelier.

Ezio probably won't make it standing up, but he should grab on to the chandelier and hang from it.

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