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Map glitch?

I'm seriously furious right now. I'm encountering a glitch where the next primary memory marker is visible on the overall map, but does not show up on the mini-map. I try placing a custom marker over it, but it doesn't work, and the custom marker doesn't show up either. So I place a custom marker as close to it as possible and go to that spot, searching the area. There is nothing and nobody in the area that can be interacted with to start the next mission. The last significant thing that I did was to Stop La Volpe's assassination of Machiavelli.

I've done everything I can think of to clear this problem. I've collected items, completed side missions, climbed viewpoints and about anything else you can think of to affect the map's layout. I've exited and reentered the animus. I've purposely desynchronized, both by standing in an unavailable area and death. I've tried restarting from the Xbox dashboard, and restarting the system itself.

I've basically done everything short of starting a new game, but I've accomplished way too much to just restart now. Has anyone ever encountered this? Is there a way to get around it, or am I basically just screwed?

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@bluedragon619 - No, it isn't.

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Is it on the hideout by any chance?

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Try by displaying all the items on your map. There`s no primary missions on hideouts

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