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Answered Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
2 Questions? Answered 2
5th Romulus Lair? Answered 4
Aqueduct puzzle? Answered 1
Checkpoints on levels?? Answered 3
Does Lanz ever show up? Answered 9
Email about Rebecca's MP3 player? Answered 1
Find Artifact In 2012? Answered 1
Help identifying beams and Guard Posts? Answered 1
How do i finish a quest?! It's driving me nuts! Help me! :( Answered 1
how do i get in the lair of Romulus in the campagna district? Answered 4
How do I get the "Going Up" achievement? Answered 4
How do I get to the Borgia Flag at the very bottom of the map? Answered 2
How do I get to the lair of romulus near terme di diocleziano? Answered 3
How do I get to the pope in the castle place? Answered 1
How do I get to the pope in the castle? Answered 1
How do I get to the view point in the east Antico area? Answered 1
How do I go on missions with my assassins? Answered 3
How do I solve 5th Romulus Lair? Answered 3
How do I solve Cluster # 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. (Basically all of them)? Answered 5
How do I solve Subject 16 puzzles? Answered 1
How do I solve the map puzzle in the DLC? Answered 1
How do you get the antidote to the girl that has been poisoned? Answered 2
How toget 100% synch on the Calling All Stand-Ins memory? Answered 4
I have 11 out 12 tailors cant find the last one WTF ? Answered 3
Is the cristina mission where you save manfreldo the last one? Answered 1
Is there any place other then the Castello where you can do the 500 meter parchute jump? Answered 2
Lair of romulus impossible to get to? Answered 1
Missions help please? Answered 2
No aquedotto claudia glyph what gives? Answered 2
Problem with guild challenges? Answered 4
Red Trail? Answered 25
Subject 16 Cluster 6 puzzle? Answered 1
The gloves come off achievement? Answered 2
Thieves Guild challenge? Answered 2
Unlocking assassination contracts in sequence 7? Answered 1
where can I find the TOTEMS for the blacksmith quest? Answered 4
Where do i put the keys of romulous?????????? Answered 1
where is the last lair of Romulus? Answered 1
Where the heck is Tiber Island? Answered 1
Item Help status answers
2 Flag questions? Answered 3
5 Ancient Relics in 2012? Answered 1
A therere any enemies that I can loot for shrunken heads? Answered 1
Aconite? Answered 4
Altairs sword help? Answered 2
Altir's Armor? Answered 2
Are te capes 4 ur xbox live avatar? Answered 2
Are there glymphs in this game? Answered 4
Armor of Altair Broken...? Answered 9
Artifacts in Monteriggioni? Answered 2
Assassins Guild Crest? Answered 3
Can I get the outfit...? Answered 3
Can I revisit the Lair of Romulus for the Borgia Flags? Answered 2
Can you keep the weapons you find? Answered 1
Cool ability that makes screen go bright? Answered 1
Do you keep the Apple of Eden after the game is over? Answered 2
Dose anyone know where to find a shrunken head? Answered 1
Easy way of checking what buildings you've renovated? Answered 2
Fastest horse? Answered 2
Flags and Feathers? Answered 3
Gaurd Post Courtesan Challenge? Answered 1
Guild level ups? Answered 1
Harlequin? Answered 8
Helmschmied Drachon armour? Answered 1
Help??? Answered 3
How can I change Ezio back to default costumes? Answered 1
How can I do a legde grab? Answered 1
How can I use the poison and smoke bombs? Answered 3
How do I get the flag and treasure on the south of the map? Answered 1
How do i get this achievement? Answered 1
how do I throw throwing knives at two enemies at the same time? Answered 2
How do you activate the parachute? Answered 6
How do you use the crossbow in finishing moves? Answered 1
How many hidden chests in Lairs of Romulus? Answered 3
Is there any purpose to collecting the feathers? Answered 2
Items from Shop Quests?? Answered 2
La volpes bite? Answered 1
Locket equipment? Answered 1
Max Level Assassin Colors? Answered 2
Missing supplies? Answered 6
Raiden costume? Answered 1
Trying to get all the keys...? Answered 1
Two Questions? Answered 1
Unequipe weapons and armour? Answered 2
Uplay Points? Answered 2
What are all the outfits you can get? Answered 2
What is a shorter way of finding the Shrunken Head? Answered 2
What is the best Sword in the game? Answered 1
What items are used for shop quests? Answered 1
When/how do I get the parachute? Answered 1
Where can I find (Borgia flags in Lair of Romulus Secret Location Basilica Di San Pietro)? Answered 3
Where can I find (shrunken heads)? Answered 7
Where can I find (The Romulus Treasure)? Answered 1
Where can I find Akonit? Answered 1
Where can I find the bank vault to collect money? Answered 3
Where can I find The Bonus maps? Answered 1
Where can I find the last ingredient for the lethal poison? Answered 1
Where can I find the last item in present day? Answered 1
Where can I find the strongest knife and how can I get it? Answered 2
Where is it? Answered 1
Where is the sixth romulus scroll? Answered 1
Where is the yellow Romulus Treasue at in Rome? Answered 5
Where/how do I get the 2nd Shrunken Head? Answered 2
Wristblades? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
Ac2 or acb? Answered 3
After I Ignite a borgia tower with a viewpoint, can I use the viewpoint later? Answered 4
Are the Cristina quest opened by how high your synch is? Answered 1
Are they making a Assassins creed 4? Answered 7
Arranging assassins in your interface? Answered 1
Assassin help? Answered 1
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood online boosting? Answered 1
Assassins Creed Legacy? Answered 1
Assassins level? Answered 1
At the end of Sequence 3.....?*possibe spoilers* Answered 1
Can a Higher lvl player join a Lower lvl freinds match? Answered 1
Can you choose other assassins in the single player story mode? Answered 3
Can you ever leave rome? Answered 1
Can you kill civilians? Answered 5
Can you still customize Ezio? Answered 3
Cannot find a Multiplayer game!? Answered 1
Change clothes? Answered 1
Cheat Help? Answered 1
Co-op multiplayer? Answered 1
Does anybody know how to group/ungroup Assassin recruits? Answered 2
Does BrotherHood count as assassins creed 3? Answered 11
Does Cesare know Da Vinci is Ezios friend? And if does, why the hell does he not get rid of him. Answered 1
Does George Washington have the apple of eden in Assassin's Creed III? Answered 1
Does using cheats disable achievements/trophies? Answered 1
Fly Like An Eagle achievement? Answered 1
Found a cheat... idk what it does? Answered 6
Free roam? Answered 4
Glyph glitch? Answered 1
Group or faction question? possible spoilers Answered 1
Has anyone noticed? Answered 1
Host? Answered 1
How can you train your assassins? Answered 11
How do i assign missions to my assassin recruits? Answered 2
How do I exit the animus?!?!?!?!? Answered 10
How do I get the romulus secret treasure? Answered 1
How do you counter attack in multiplayer? Answered 1
How do you get Rome to look good? Answered 2
How does the VIDEO of Subject 16 replay? Answered 1
In Rome, why do street guards act neutral to Ezio, while rooftop guards are hostile? Answered 1
Is it the 3 one? Answered 3
Is the assassin creed 2 is better than this one in the screen view ? Answered 1
Is The Game actually good??? Answered 1
Is there a limited amount of missions that are available for your assassin apprentices? Answered 2
Is there a minimum number of players required for multiplayer (private, not public)? Answered 1
Is there a way to unlock or play with Altair's weapon? If there is, how? Answered 1
Is this Game Co-op/Multiplayer, bc it looks like it is? Answered 1
Isthat lady that you had in the boat in ac2 in this game? Answered 1
Lair of Romulus? Answered 3
Leonardo Da Vinci? Answered 1
lower Centro district? Answered 1
Missing? Answered 1
My romulus armor has vanished? Answered 1
Online Gaming? Answered 1
Project Legacy bonuses? Answered 1
Question about the multiplayer and Da Vinci dlc? Answered 1
red Square health? Answered 1
So can you go back to Monteriggioni after finishing the game? Answered 1
So how much does this game cost? Answered 4
So is the multiplayer only for Xbox live? Answered 7
Switching robes, Altair to Ezio? Answered 2
This game will be rated mature? Answered 3
Uplay Beta? Answered 1
Violence and language? Answered 1
Were is the offline multiplayer? Answered 3
What actually is the teasure of Romulus? Answered 6
What are the assassin towers for? Answered 1
What are thirsty harlequins, and where are they? Answered 1
What is a good place to kill enemies stationed at a guard posts using my crossbow without being detected? Answered 3
What is the dark figure in the Catacombe di Roma? Answered 1
What is the impact of 100% Synchronization? Answered 1
What is the point of collecting al 5 artifacts in 2012? Answered 1
What is with the email? Answered 1
What kind of game is this? Answered 2
What's gonna be after finishing ... ? Answered 1
What's the problem? Answered 1
Whats the name of the mask with the long nose? Answered 5
Where are subject 16's puzzles? Answered 1
Where can I find the Papal Guards? Answered 1
Where could it be? Answered 1
Where do i find Ezio's hideout? Answered 1
Where do I get my money i earn every 20 Minutes? Answered 2
Where do you find bandits? Answered 1
Where is the colosium glyph? Answered 1
Where the heck is Lucy? Answered 4
Which one is better? Answered 2
Why do you need to leave the animus? Answered 3
Why does Lucy disappear? Answered 1
Will the items of AC2 be available in AC Brotherhood? Answered 1

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