Answered Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
2 Questions? 2
5th Romulus Lair? 4
Aqueduct puzzle? 1
Checkpoints on levels?? 3
Does Lanz ever show up? 9
Email about Rebecca's MP3 player? 1
Find Artifact In 2012? 1
Help identifying beams and Guard Posts? 1
How do i finish a quest?! It's driving me nuts! Help me! :( 1
how do i get in the lair of Romulus in the campagna district? 4
How do I get the "Going Up" achievement? 4
How do I get to the Borgia Flag at the very bottom of the map? 2
How do I get to the lair of romulus near terme di diocleziano? 3
How do I get to the pope in the castle place? 1
How do I get to the pope in the castle? 1
How do I get to the view point in the east Antico area? 1
How do I go on missions with my assassins? 3
How do I solve 5th Romulus Lair? 3
How do I solve Cluster # 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. (Basically all of them)? 5
How do I solve Subject 16 puzzles? 1
How do I solve the map puzzle in the DLC? 1
How do you get the antidote to the girl that has been poisoned? 2
How toget 100% synch on the Calling All Stand-Ins memory? 4
I have 11 out 12 tailors cant find the last one WTF ? 3
Is the cristina mission where you save manfreldo the last one? 1
Is there any place other then the Castello where you can do the 500 meter parchute jump? 2
Lair of romulus impossible to get to? 1
Missions help please? 2
No aquedotto claudia glyph what gives? 2
Problem with guild challenges? 4
Red Trail? 25
Subject 16 Cluster 6 puzzle? 1
The gloves come off achievement? 2
Thieves Guild challenge? 2
Unlocking assassination contracts in sequence 7? 1
where can I find the TOTEMS for the blacksmith quest? 4
Where do i put the keys of romulous?????????? 1
where is the last lair of Romulus? 1
Where the heck is Tiber Island? 1

Item Location Help Answers
2 Flag questions? 3
5 Ancient Relics in 2012? 1
A therere any enemies that I can loot for shrunken heads? 1
Aconite? 4
Altairs sword help? 2
Altir's Armor? 2
Are te capes 4 ur xbox live avatar? 2
Are there glymphs in this game? 4
Armor of Altair Broken...? 9
Artifacts in Monteriggioni? 2
Assassins Guild Crest? 3
Can I get the outfit...? 3
Can I revisit the Lair of Romulus for the Borgia Flags? 2
Can you keep the weapons you find? 1
Cool ability that makes screen go bright? 1
Do you keep the Apple of Eden after the game is over? 2
Dose anyone know where to find a shrunken head? 1
Easy way of checking what buildings you've renovated? 2
Fastest horse? 2
Flags and Feathers? 3
Gaurd Post Courtesan Challenge? 1
Guild level ups? 1
Harlequin? 8
Helmschmied Drachon armour? 1
Help??? 3
How can I change Ezio back to default costumes? 1
How can I do a legde grab? 1
How can I use the poison and smoke bombs? 3
How do I get the flag and treasure on the south of the map? 1
How do i get this achievement? 1
how do I throw throwing knives at two enemies at the same time? 2
How do you activate the parachute? 6
How do you use the crossbow in finishing moves? 1
How many hidden chests in Lairs of Romulus? 3
Is there any purpose to collecting the feathers? 2
Items from Shop Quests?? 2
La volpes bite? 1
Locket equipment? 1
Max Level Assassin Colors? 2
Missing supplies? 6
Raiden costume? 1
Trying to get all the keys...? 1
Two Questions? 1
Unequipe weapons and armour? 2
Uplay Points? 2
What are all the outfits you can get? 2
What is a shorter way of finding the Shrunken Head? 2
What is the best Sword in the game? 1
What items are used for shop quests? 1
When/how do I get the parachute? 1
Where can I find (Borgia flags in Lair of Romulus Secret Location Basilica Di San Pietro)? 3
Where can I find (shrunken heads)? 7
Where can I find (The Romulus Treasure)? 1
Where can I find Akonit? 1
Where can I find the bank vault to collect money? 3
Where can I find The Bonus maps? 1
Where can I find the last ingredient for the lethal poison? 1
Where can I find the last item in present day? 1
Where can I find the strongest knife and how can I get it? 2
Where is it? 1
Where is the sixth romulus scroll? 1
Where is the yellow Romulus Treasue at in Rome? 5
Where/how do I get the 2nd Shrunken Head? 2
Wristblades? 1

Other Help Answers
Ac2 or acb? 3
After I Ignite a borgia tower with a viewpoint, can I use the viewpoint later? 4
Are the Cristina quest opened by how high your synch is? 1
Are they making a Assassins creed 4? 7
Arranging assassins in your interface? 1
Assassin help? 1
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood online boosting? 1
Assassins Creed Legacy? 1
Assassins level? 1
At the end of Sequence 3.....?*possibe spoilers* 1
Can a Higher lvl player join a Lower lvl freinds match? 1
Can you choose other assassins in the single player story mode? 3
Can you ever leave rome? 1
Can you kill civilians? 5
Can you still customize Ezio? 3
Cannot find a Multiplayer game!? 1
Change clothes? 1
Cheat Help? 1
Co-op multiplayer? 1
Does anybody know how to group/ungroup Assassin recruits? 2
Does BrotherHood count as assassins creed 3? 11
Does Cesare know Da Vinci is Ezios friend? And if does, why the hell does he not get rid of him. 1
Does George Washington have the apple of eden in Assassin's Creed III? 1
Does using cheats disable achievements/trophies? 1
Fly Like An Eagle achievement? 1
Found a cheat... idk what it does? 6
Free roam? 4
Glyph glitch? 1
Group or faction question? possible spoilers 1
Has anyone noticed? 1
Host? 1
How can you train your assassins? 11
How do i assign missions to my assassin recruits? 2
How do I exit the animus?!?!?!?!? 10
How do I get the romulus secret treasure? 1
How do you counter attack in multiplayer? 1
How do you get Rome to look good? 2
How does the VIDEO of Subject 16 replay? 1
In Rome, why do street guards act neutral to Ezio, while rooftop guards are hostile? 1
Is it the 3 one? 3
Is the assassin creed 2 is better than this one in the screen view ? 1
Is The Game actually good??? 1
Is there a limited amount of missions that are available for your assassin apprentices? 2
Is there a minimum number of players required for multiplayer (private, not public)? 1
Is there a way to unlock or play with Altair's weapon? If there is, how? 1
Is this Game Co-op/Multiplayer, bc it looks like it is? 1
Isthat lady that you had in the boat in ac2 in this game? 1
Lair of Romulus? 3
Leonardo Da Vinci? 1
lower Centro district? 1
Missing? 1
My romulus armor has vanished? 1
Online Gaming? 1
Project Legacy bonuses? 1
Question about the multiplayer and Da Vinci dlc? 1
red Square health? 1
So can you go back to Monteriggioni after finishing the game? 1
So how much does this game cost? 4
So is the multiplayer only for Xbox live? 7
Switching robes, Altair to Ezio? 2
This game will be rated mature? 3
Uplay Beta? 1
Violence and language? 1
Were is the offline multiplayer? 3
What actually is the teasure of Romulus? 6
What are the assassin towers for? 1
What are thirsty harlequins, and where are they? 1
What is a good place to kill enemies stationed at a guard posts using my crossbow without being detected? 3
What is the dark figure in the Catacombe di Roma? 1
What is the impact of 100% Synchronization? 1
What is the point of collecting al 5 artifacts in 2012? 1
What is with the email? 1
What kind of game is this? 2
What's gonna be after finishing ... ? 1
What's the problem? 1
Whats the name of the mask with the long nose? 5
Where are subject 16's puzzles? 1
Where can I find the Papal Guards? 1
Where could it be? 1
Where do i find Ezio's hideout? 1
Where do I get my money i earn every 20 Minutes? 2
Where do you find bandits? 1
Where is the colosium glyph? 1
Where the heck is Lucy? 4
Which one is better? 2
Why do you need to leave the animus? 3
Why does Lucy disappear? 1
Will the items of AC2 be available in AC Brotherhood? 1

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