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Open Questions

Item Help status answers
99 Flags Found? Open 3
Altair's armor? Open 2
Anyone noticed holding attack button with Hidden Blade? Open 2
Assassin's creed brotherhood Vaticano treasure map.? Open 3
Can't find supply item? Open 3
Does the mute ability get rid of your ability to kill or stun? Open 1
How and can you get the sctimar? Open 2
How can I get the Brutus armour? Open 1
How can I get the treasure chest on the Southern balcony of the Castello?? Open 1
How do I get a Uplay Account? Open 2
How do I get Altair's armor? Open 1
How do i get the chests near the lair of romulus in northern campagna? Open 1
How do I reach the Treasure Chest in Campagna District - near Terme Di Diocleziano? Open 2
How do I specify between Call Assassins and Arrow Storm? Open 2
How do u activate the cheat codes ? Open 4
How do you equip your assassin guild with weapons like the crossbow or a longsword? Open 4
How to I get to these treasures? Open 5
I have one treasure chest left to find! Can you guys help? Open 2
I SEE A RED EYE BY CERTAIN PLACES ON THE DATABASE i dont know waht it means though? Open 2
Is it possible to use the glyph on a Borgia tower after it's burnt down? Open 2
Items? Open 2
Medcine? Open 1
Raiden? Open 1
Shrunken head idea? Open 2
Shrunken heads? Open 3
Underground chest in Compangna Dist.??? Open 1
using the Harlequin? Open 2
What are the dye colors for clothes? Open 2
Where can I find Altairs Sword?---again Open 3
Where can I find idems for the suesenhofer armor? Open 2
Where can I find Leonardo? Open 5
Where can I find the 10 feathers? Open 3
Where can I find the broom for "Spring Cleaning"? Open 4
Where can I find the romulus armor or a health upgrade? Open 2
Where can I find the tailor with the ebony dye? Open 4
Where can you find the guild rewards weapons? Open 2
Where did the Brutus Armor go? Open 3
Where do guards that carry a Scimitar appear? Open 1
Where is the Palazzo Laterano and how soon may I access it? Open 1
Where to find items in the shop quests? Open 2
Which weapons can you only get from the guards? Open 1
Why haven't my alternative costumes unlocked? Open 3
Technical Help status answers
"Save options failed. The storage device containing the gamer profile in use?" Open 1
Assassins Creed Brotherhood Cant Re-Enter Animus? Open 3
Bartolomeo's axe? Open 1
Can I manually update the game via usb? Open 1
Can't get past the start screen, freezes the system...any ideas? Open 4
Cannot ignite Bogia Tower...Glitch? Open 2
Capes missing after unlock, What do i do? Open 1
Courtesans Guild Glitch? Open 3
DLC glitch? Open 1
DLC not working? Open 1
Ezio is flying?! Open 1
Freezing? Open 2
How can I link project legacy? Open 1
How come I can't get my horse to gallop like in the other games? Open 3
How do I change a failed sync to 100% sync? Open 1
How do i swear in an assassin? Open 2
I didnt buy the game for the box art Ubisoft!? Open 4
I'm stuck in a glitch, what do I do? Open 2
I'm stuk after the Cristina mission, Help? Open 2
Lost all my inventory! Somebody help? Open 2
Map glitch? Open 1
Memory point unavailable? Open 3
Multiplayer problems? Open 1
Multiplayer wont start? Open 2
Ongoing armor glitch? Open 1
Please help ... i might be stuck ... at 62 percent and will not start over ... will trade in if unfixable? Open 2
Question about the option? Open 2
Stuck at main menu? Open 1
Stuck in the Cloaca Maxima... What to do? Open 1
Takeing off equipment? Open 1
The truth glitch and what happens after? (definite spoilers) Open 1
Why do I keep going back to Level 1? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me 'Disconnected from host'? Open 1
Xbox And AC3 Dont Make A Good Match Or What? Help Please. Open 1
Other Help status answers
(Please help?) Open 3
Anyone still play this online? Open 3
Assassin leveling? Open 3
Assassin masks? Open 1
Assassin's creed brotherhood? Open 4
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Can't re-enter the animus? Open 2
Assassins recruitment help? Open 1
Can I restore the game to a checkpoint in the middle of a memory? If so, how? Thanks Open 2
Can I...? Open 1
Can someone help with my health glitch? Open 3
Can someone plz. scan and upload the map of the game? Open 2
Can you climb the Patheon in Rome? Open 3
Can you get the achievements if you turn off all the cheats? Open 2
Can you help me? Open 1
Can you leave the animus and check email after you've beaten the game? Open 1
Cant Access emails? Open 2
Capture the Flag achievement? (Remove all Borgia Flags in Rome) Open 3
Code for Harlequin and Acuaduqs? Open 2
Costumes? Open 1
Desmond's Parkour Sessions? Open 3
Do you still have a hideout? Open 3
Does anything carry over from AC2? Open 2
Does Assassin's Creed Brotherhood feature a system link mode? Open 1
Does the xbox 360 version support system link? Open 1
Drachen Armor? Open 2
English subtitle? Open 3
Everything stopped happening, in sequence 4. Any ideas why or how to fix? Open 1
Finished the story; what about the hideout paintings? Open 1
Hazard Game Is Not In Thieves Hideout?? Open 1
Hazard. can you still play it arfter completing the game? Open 1
How can I get my achievements back? Open 1
How do I download the Da Vinci Diseperance to the Assassins Creed Brotherhood game? Open 1
How do i find the 4th,5th, and 6th romulus layers? Open 1
How do i get rid of unwanted assassins? Open 2
How do i get the high roller achievement? Open 1
How do you change apprentice clothing color? Open 2
How do you get back to the animus? Open 2
How do you get rid of the light film on the top third of the screen? Open 2
How do you get to play xbox live, i'm lost.Help? Open 1
How to get uplay points? Open 1
How to secure the apple of eden? Open 2
I Found a cheat? Open 1
I need help leveling up? Open 1
I'm just curious, is there any single player and if there is, how many hours is in it? Open 1
I'm thinking of getting this game or call of duty black ops which do I get? Open 4
Indistinct Female Voice-has ny1 else heard it? Open 1
Is the amount of Assassins you can recruit set? Open 2
Is the mission from the AC: Brotherhood trailer also in the game? Open 1
Is there an achievement for....? Open 2
Is there freeplay and is/are the city/cities big? Open 1
Is this game only for multiplayer? Open 3
Last Romulus Lair? Open 2
Level 50? Open 1
Memory Start icon is gone? Open 1
Multiplayer - Before a chase is instigated? Open 1
Multiplayer symbols? Open 1
Mystery Door? Open 2
Other Countries? Open 3
Promotion incantation? Open 3
Questions about the Raiden costume? Open 2
Region Free ? Open 1
Replaying Canceled Memories? Open 1
Role Model Achievement? Open 2
Saving? Open 1
Should you waste your money on DLC for AC2 to play Brotherhood??? Open 2
Since this is a continuation will you keep your stats/items or start fresh? Open 5
So anyone know when or if they are making another Assassins Creed? Open 2
Stun Reversal? Open 1
Stunning in multiplayer!!? Open 3
Subject 16? Open 1
Throwing Knives Disappearing? Open 1
Time limit runs out? Open 1
Unlockables? Open 1
What are leonardo's challenges? Open 1
What is the difference between basic, advanced, superior, and the elite gear? Open 1
What is the single player map code for ps3 ? Open 1
Where are my Achievements? Open 1
Where are the military baracks located? Open 1
Where can i find some guards on guardposts? Open 3
Where can I find the highest building on the game and what does it look like? Open 4
Why did I lose "everything" when I unlocked the secret Armor? Open 1
Why do smoke bombs have no effect on Romulous followers? Open 1
Why is the circle around the X for? Open 1
Will you ever get the 2nd hidden blade back? Open 11

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