Question from Jonesboynumbuh2

Asked: 4 years ago

Does the game go all the way to Omega Shenron?

Does this game just stop at Janemba or does it go all the way to the end which is Omega Shenron?

Accepted Answer

From: NarutoDragonbal 4 years ago

It only goes up to the majin buu saga

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No no omega, raditz to buu only, + tarble and some movie chars.

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My turn :P.

It goes all the way from the Radditz till Kid Buu, including movies excluding 1, 2, 4, 11 and 13.

It has for an extra also Tarble, Vegeta's brother (I'm guessing we get a lot of people not knowing who he is), Hatchiyack, SSJ3 Vegeta and SSJ3 Broly.

It still lacks some characters though, but not really the more important ones from the story (except Mr Satan but that's opinion so ... let's stop it at that).

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