Question from MasterBasch

How do i transform?

It says of unlocked super saiyan for galaxy mode but i have no idea how to transform! help me :(


faulknerbobby answered:

ok well IN GAME charge up your ki till its yellow (bright yellow not faded yellow - and you DO NOT need high tension) then hold RT (right trigger) and press X for ssj1 Y for ssj2 and B for ssj3 note you will have to unlock 2 and 3 also hope this helps!
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faulknerbobby answered:

Also for alot of fighters you will have to go through every transformation (only sayians can go straight to their most powerful like frieza and cell you must press rt+x for transforming then rt+x again for transforming but sayians can go rt+x(form 1 ssj1) rt+y(form 2 ssj2) rt+b(ssj3 then rt+x to go back to base)
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frd111 answered:

Press and hold 'RT', and you will see a box in the top right. For example, If you want to transform in to the one on the left, press 'X'. So pretty much press the button thats on the side that you want to transform in to. Hope this helped! :) (Even if I was 10 mounths late)
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W4rm4chine4000 answered:

First charge up your ki to at least one and a half bars. The hold RT to bring up a list of transformations arranged in a diamond like fashion, similar to the buttons on the right face of the controller. Click the button that corresponds with the transformation you want.
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