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How do I unlock all the items in Galaxy Mode?

I'm trying to get all the items and all the ones I'm missing is in Galaxy Mode. I need a list of how to get them and what missions their on and what characters their on too.

bdragonz provided additional details:

I've gone through Galaxy Mode and completed every character to 100%. I viewed the items I'm missing and I know which missions their on I just don't know how to unlock them. I've tried to but they wont unlock. Do I have to do certain things to get them? I'm stumped can anyone help me with this problem?

bdragonz provided additional details:

I've completed Battle Zone to 100% and the only items I'm missing is in Galaxy Mode. I know this because I looked at the items list and the only items I'm missing is in Galaxy Mode.


CapnSmite answered:

You'd probably be best off just going through every character's Galaxy. You pretty much have to clear every single level anyway to unlock all of the items.
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Ukimoni answered:

Most likely you'll have to go to the Battle Zone. There are tons of items there.
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BluemoonEXE answered:

OK I know your problem here those are galaxy mode items which are only used in galaxy mode such as letting you have all your hp instead of near death also you need to do all the perfect actions in all your missions to get the items try looking at your perfect action list on missions and see which one your missing.
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