• All Hidden Routes for the Battle Zones!

    When clearing the Battles Zones, sometimes it will be necessary to meet certain conditions to unlock the hidden routes that will enable you to reach an alternate Climax Stage boss. These need to be cleared in order to get a 100% rate in certain Battle Zones. - A and B refer to which route you have to take, A being the left and B the right. - Character, items, score, health, and the time taken to finish the fight do not count toward unlocking the hidden routes. - For the zones, requiring the combo to unlock the hidden route, the combo can be done anyway possible at any point during the fight, how you finish the fight is irrelevant.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Circle Zone - Hidden RouteStage 2 - Defeat Recoome with the Ultimate Attack.
    Spherical Zone - Hidden RouteStage 2 - Defeat Android #14 with a Super Attack.
    Spiral Zone - Hidden RouteStage 3B - Defeat Kid Trunks while in Raging Soul.
    Triangle Zone - Hidden RouteStage 4A - During your fight with Cell land a combo of at least 20 hits.
    Ultimate Circle Zone - Hidden RouteStage 1 - Defeat Teen Gohan with the Ultimate Attack.
    Ultimate Final Zone - Hidden RouteStage 3 - Defeat Bardock with a Super Attack.
    Ultimate Lozenge Zone - Hidden RouteStage 3 - Defeat Frieza with the Ultimate Attack.
    Ultimate Spherical Zone - Hidden RouteStage 3 - During your fight with Dore land a combo of at least 20 hits.
    Ultimate Spiral Zone - Hidden RouteStage 3A - Defeat Super Trunks with a Super Attack.
    Ultimate Triangle Zone - Hidden RouteStage 3B - Defeat Goten while in Raging Soul.

    Contributed By: deathof1.

  • Unlockable Characters

    Most characters are unlocked randomly while playing Galaxy Mode. Exceptions are listed below:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    HatchiyackWatch "Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans"

    Contributed By: Grand_Panda and ShazzoGM.


  • Achievements

    *There are 6 secret achievements. show

    A Message From Goku (secret)As Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan, win against Perfect Cell with Ultimate Attack, "Father-Son Kamehameha"15
    Ball MasterShoot off as many balls as possible in mini-game.5
    Battle KingComplete all of the Battle Zones.20
    Battle Start!Complete the first Battle Zone.10
    Battle-CrazyReach your 50th Xbox LIVE battle.20
    Best FriendsFight 10 times in 1P vs. 2P battle.10
    Capsule Corporation Founded!Collect all items.30
    Cell Games ChampWin the Cell Games.35
    Cell Games True ChampChampion of Cell Games on Hard Difficulty.40
    Character CompleteUnlock all characters and forms.35
    Come Forth, Shenron!!Summoned Shenron for the first time.15
    Denouement (secret)Watch Credits Roll40
    Destroyed a Formidable Foe!Complete battle in Galaxy Mode for the first time.5
    DiscovererDiscover a hidden route in a Battle Zone.20
    East GalaxyComplete more than 10 characters in Galaxy Mode.10
    End of Everything (secret)Using Super Saiyan Goku, win against Full Power Frieza with Ultimate Attack, "Angry Kamehameha".15
    Famous SceneCollect more than 30 illustrations.10
    Farewell to the Proud Warrior (secret)Using Majin Vegta, win against Majin Buu with Ultimate Attack, "Final Explosion".15
    Fashion CompleteUnlock all costumes.35
    First Galaxy!Complete "BOSS MISSION" in Galaxy Mode for the first time.20
    First Step to UltimateComplete the first Ultimate Zone.15
    Fruits of TrainingObtain Rank S++ for the first time.15
    Fundamentals are VitalComplete Tutorial until the end.5
    Galactic Domination!!Complete all characters in Galaxy Mode.50
    HumanitarianUse every form of every transformable character at least once.15
    I Wanna Fight Someone Stronger!Earn 30 victories in Xbox LIVE.20
    Lone Warrior (secret)Using #17 and #18 on your team, defeat Super Saiyan Future Gohan with a Team Super Attack.15
    Music CompleteGet all of the game BGM.20
    North GalaxyComplete more than 40 characters in Galaxy Mode.30
    Off-the-charts Warrior!Complete more than 50 characters in Galaxy Mode.40
    Please Go Easy on MeFight in an Xbox LIVE battle for the first time.5
    Power Level...of 5...Earn 5 losses in Xbox LIVE.5
    Raging BlastObtain all the achievements.0
    Reward ManiaCollect more than 100 illustrations.20
    South GalaxyComplete more than 30 characters in Galaxy Mode.20
    Stamp RallyEarn 300 Challenge Stamps in Battle Zone.20
    TAKKARAPUTO POPPORUNGASummoned Porunga for the first time.25
    The Days of Battle Continue...Win 50 times in 1P vs. CPU battle.20
    The Fight Has Just BegunWin 20 times in 1P vs. CPU battle.10
    Title CollectorCollect 10 or more titles.10
    Title HunterCollect 100 or more titles.30
    Title SeekerCollect 50 or more titles.25
    Training JourneyFight on all maps.10
    Trivia KingView all character profiles in the Museum's Character Encyclopedia.10
    Ultimate among UltimatesComplete all of the Ultimate Zones.30
    W.Tournament ChampWin the World Tournament.35
    W.Tournament True ChampChampion of World Tournament on Hard Difficulty.40
    West GalaxyComplete more than 20 characters in Galaxy Mode.10
    Wonderful MemoryCollect more than 250 illustrations.30
    Yamcha's Premonition (secret)Win against Yamcha with the Saibamen using the Ultimate Attack, "Saibamen Bomb".15

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