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How do I solve (knockout paul bearer)?

On the road to wrestlemania I can't get past week 12 where you have to KO paul bearer I try everything but can't do it is there a way to pin him or just finish him off I can't seem to do it

dlopiy provided additional details:

I have john morrison & I can't figure out how to do the finisher.

dlopiy provided additional details:

How do you perform a strong strike or grapple I have tried striking him I beat him & he even says he was just the messenger but I can't end it. I thought a strong grapple is right stick & the rb isn't it

dlopiy provided additional details:

I still can't end this I tried everything I know I tried ramming his head 2 or 3 times in the tv but no luck> I do then he just kneels down & nothing happens. what are you suppose to do? Does he run away or what? His meter doesn't even go down much no matter what you do.

dlopiy provided additional details:

I tried this but still no luck I even tried the bear hug & still nothing The dummy just keeps running heck I even tried the weight bench ramming his head several times but nothing time keeps running out

Accepted Answer

issues5496 answered:

I had to change my finisher move, then i just irished him into the tv a few times then specialed with a DDT, then repeated
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kyleadvanced answered:

what i did was i grab Paul bearer and Irish whipped him into the television a couple times and then used a finisher watch him he will run away from u
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Azular answered:

If you're using JoMo, you can just get away with using a strong grapple or strong strike.
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