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Asked: 4 years ago

How do you unlock the rock?

Where do you unlock the rock at in the game?

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From: The_Lion_WWE 4 years ago

Play the VS. Undertaker RTWM!

First of all, you need to solve all challenges.
At WrestleMania, you find him in the "Green Room" --> speak to him and you will fight him in a Last Man Standing match.
Win this match and you have him unlocked!

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In week 12 of Vs. Undertaker you see him by the food court area and push him til u fight him. Beat him and you'll have The Rock unlocked.

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I beat all the challenges that i know of, unlocked jske the snake, superfly, & masked kane, however the rock is still not in the green room or anywhere else on week 12 what did i miss????

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No, not week 12!

He is in the green room AT WrestleMania, so continue the story and you will find him...

Just to make sure, all the challenges:
Week 2 ---> Backstage Brawl vs. Randy Orton
Week 3 --> Backstage Brawl vs. Kozlov
Royal Rumble --> Backstage Brawl vs. Ziggler
Week 9 --> Tables Match vs. Big Show
Week 12 --> Backstage Brawl vs. Batista
WrestleMania --> Last Man Standing vs. The Rock

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I still can't get The Rock. I've completed all challenges on Taker's Wrestlemania that is being suggested. Why am I still not seeing him? Does it matter who you play it with?

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