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What is the ECW Create Modes Content on Smackdown vs. Raw 2011?

I held ten matches in Exhibition mode and I still haven't got anything, I need to know what it is.

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ohioarmy05 answered:

Just got a message that says you can now assign your Created Superstar to the ECW brand / ECW Story Designer content. It can be any type of match just as long as it is a 1-on-1
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The_Lion_WWE answered:

I think it is the brand logo and ECW intro for create-a-storyline...

And by the way: I unlocked it through Universe, but NEVER changed any matches... and maybe only one-on-one counts?
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picoyoes answered:

How to unlock it ?? can't change any matches to unlocked it?? so , play wwe universe without changing the matches until wrestlemania??i dont know??
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seaim514 answered:

You have to win 10 matches in WWE Universe. It has to be a select match though, not a custom. Still haven't figured out what it is yet.
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The_Lion_WWE answered:

Do you guys have ECW intro in story designer?
Well, i have it, but don't know if it was already available... checked this mode the first time after unlocking everything...
And the ECW brand logo?
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jonathan_james_ answered:

Are you all sure about this?

The ECW arena has nothing to do with the creation modes. And I don't recall getting an on screen prompt saying I unlocked it.
I'm going to try doing ten matches in basic play mode with universe turned off.
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The_Lion_WWE answered:

I know that the ECW arena has nothing to do with it!
That was unlocked after playing a certain ppv in universe, right?

I mean the ECW intro --> like for RAW, SmackDown and the ppv's (see the hall, camera shows fans and so on)!
But i have to admit, that i'm not 100% sure, because like i said:
Checked out create-a-storyline the first time after unlocking everything and there was the ECW intro available... so i DON'T know if it was unlocked or not.
Maybe it can also be some "hardcore" scenes, like the attack through 2 tables... don't know...

And: I unlocked it playing Universe --> I was playing ALL of the matches (never changed anything), so i did far more than the 10 matches you have to do, so i think only normal 1 vs. 1 count for these 10 matches...
And after that a message was showing "Unlocked ECW Story Designer" (or something like that)!
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