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How to unlock Ricky "The Dragon" Steambot??

I dont know the checkpoint

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Ricky Steamboat is unlocked by defeating him at Wrestlemania in Chris Jericho's Road to Wrestlemania campaign.

He is the last challenge. To face him you have to do all of the other 5 previous challenges for Jericho.
They are..

~ Week 1 - Find The Miz and face him 1 on 1.
~ Royal Rumble - Find and speak to Santino.
~ Week 5 - Face Santino on Superstars. (You may need to speak to him during Raw week 5 also, not sure).
~ Week 7 - Find Cena in the parking lot.
~ Week 8 - Find Maryse and Beth and have a Diva's match.
~ Week 11 - Find Santino and agree to interfere in his match against the Big Show.

~After all of this Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat will be standing around in the Green Room at Wrestlemania. Talk to him and beat him to unlock him.

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Where is Beth and maryse??????????

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Where is she

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I dont know

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Just go into the match in week 8

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Sorry you have to speak to maryse and find horn swoggle then walk away then comeback

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I know!Maryse can found on Week 8 on the hall beside Training Room. She wait and Jericho need to open in Training Room and talk to Hornswoggle.After talk to Horn,go to Maryse and talk to her.After talk go to arena and fight with Beth ;) i explication was good

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