Question from dark_raziel

Asked: 4 years ago

John Cena's RTWM, challenges?

has anyone played cena's rtwm? if so, do you know which are the challenges needed to unlock the legend ?

Accepted Answer

From: jonathan_james_ 4 years ago

Week 4 - Sheamus in Mid Locker Room. hear the conversation between him and Maryse, go off and do the ! event. Come back and talk to him. Beat his face.

Week 5 - Find MVP - Do tag match.

Week 7 - Another tag match - Automatically happens if you did Week 5's challenge.

Week 8 - Find Legacy - Talk when they tell you to go - 1 on 2 Brawl. (Find something to Irish whip them into for an easy win).

Week 11 - Find Either Santino or Legacy.. Not sure. Anyway. Tag with Santino vs Legacy. (If you pin Dibiase during this match you get Dibiase's T-shirt attire).

Wrestlemania - VKM himself will be in the Green Room. It's a Gauntlet. Beat their Faces.

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