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How do I beat Paul Bearer?

So, I beat the Vs Undertaker RTWM once, and missed a challenge so I have to re-do it to get all the unlocks. I am on the Paul Bearer match, except he won't be KO'd. I've hit 4 regular finishers on him and he won't stay down. I've cranked up the finisher damage, I'm already on Easy difficulty to grind quickly through the matches. What else can I do?

Is my game broken?


Counundrum answered:

IIIRC, the match is in a locker room. I threw him into the TV numerous times, hit a signature when it became available, hit a finisher after that, then repeated. Try enviro grapples. They do a fair amount of damage.
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LoveLeopard86 answered:

I failed at beating Paul Bearer the first time round doing exactly what you did with the finishers and signatures but what I found worked was using the environment rather than finishers. So my advice would be to hit him with a few moves, 1 signature and finisher if possible and then either throw him into the lockers or using a normal move on him like a DDT, Bulldog or whack him round the head with a chair
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langar316 answered:

Use the tv 2 your advantage since it racks up your finisher and signature, and use enviromental grapples.
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akilgamer answered:

i hope you used someone with a high speed rating cuz this works great. Do a running grapple. he'lll get up quickly then keep doing it until about 30 or 20 seconds then hit a strong strike or finisher if you have it.
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