Question from RogerDat

Asked: 3 years ago

How do You unlock The Hurricane?

I cant figure out how to unlock him please help

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From: lopez691982 3 years ago

he is a NPC he is only in RTWM and that's it,

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I don't think he's playable.

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No because in story design hes in there his overall is 69 free agent but i dont know how to unock him but i know u can i have all of them but 8 characters if u need character help

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You can actually fight him as a secret opponent in week 10 challenge in rey's rtwm, but i don't know if u can unlock him.

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I also dont think he is unlockable. Maybe download content later: ALA Stone Cold last year?

I do not know if he is still employed though, I havn't regularly watch wrestling in a long time. Is it bad when I enjoy Raw VS Smackdown storylines more then the real thing?

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