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Asked: 3 years ago

What other games are like this one?

My girlfriend and I both play games, but these hack and slash dungeon crawlers are definitely our favorites to play together. I have played this and sacred 2 and was wondering, are there any other good games in this genre for the xbox 360? Are there any good ones in the arcade as well?

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Torchlight is a Xbox Live Arcade game that I would recommend but it has no multiplayer at all. Dungeon Siege 3 and Sacred 2: Fallen Angel are probably the best bet for your girlfriend and you. On the xbox360 at least.

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If you have a ps2, Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 1&2 are both great choices. Champions of Norath 1&2 are very good. It's not a dungeon crawler, more of a strategy RPG but has 2 player Co-op is Gladius. It's dirt cheap variety of characters, and freakishly addicting!

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Arkadian Warriors on XBox arcade is a decent little game with multiplayer. And ehhh....errr....hrmm...not sure of any others...

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I know its not what you asked for, but some older games like this are baldur's gate 1 & 2, diablo 1&2, dungons and dragons for the original xbox, shadowrun for the old genesis, champions return to arms, dark messiah of might and magic elements, dungeon siege 1&2, ultimate alliance 1&2, x-men legends 1&2.

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Crimson Alliance on XBLA is a good hack/slash action "rpg". It is an arcade game like gauntlet and is really fun. It is a bit short but has good replay value.

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Lets see sacred 2,torchlight,crimson alliance,dungeons and dragons daggerdale,arkadian warriors,torchlight,dungeon sige 3 which is the best of them they also have marvel ultimate alliance one and two but those are marvel ones but still good hack and slash games.

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