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DLC Questions?

I was wondering when and if there is going to be DLC released, i mean I assume there is going to be character packs and all that kind of stuff i am just wondering when, who they, and cost as well as cost compared to the PS3 version? I rented this game and fell in love with it and I am basing me buying it off this information. Thank you.

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well there's two things to this answer -

1) Million Dollar Pack - featuring Million Dollar Man and Ted DiBiase Jr - the only way you get this for now is by buying the million dollar pack version of All Stars

2) Honky Tonk Man is a DLC character; unfortunatly at this time, he's only available for people who pre-ordered the game.

hope this helps.

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I believe everyone gets honky tonk you only get the million dollar pack with pre order

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The Million dollar pack wont be available to download until the19th of April.

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DLC Content for the game will feature:

- The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase
- Ted DiBiase
- Dusty Rhodes
- Cody Rhodes
- Hawk
- Animal
- Big Bossman
- Chris Jericho
- Jerry "The King" Lawler
- Michael Hayes
- Mark Henry
- R-Truth

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I got the Million Dollar pre-order pack and downloaded it but I can't find the content in the game.
Any ideas?

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On the confirm code screen it says the Million Dollar pack requires an update to work which won't be available until sometime in April. So basically you'll be getting 2 DLC characters for free but not until they put them up for sale.

The Honky Tonk Man doesn't require a pre-order. He will be free DLC for everybody but not until this update comes down.

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