Question from NextTyrant81

Asked: 3 years ago

Unlock everything cheat?

I tried to save the game after using the unlock everything cheat only for it to not allow it. I was curious if it disables saving or is my system just being a pain.

Accepted Answer

From: slayer4421 3 years ago

the unlock everything code doesnt save... there for u have to actually unlock everything to keep it intact. example if u use the code and then turn off the system... u will either have to reput the code in. or beat the game to unlock the superstars or moves. Easiest way to unlock the wrestlers is to go thur the fantasy warfare matches... the moves and entrance can be a pain cuz u have to beat championship paths with that certain superstar u want the move from. so if u made a created wrestler, i suggest putting in the everything code, then selecting the move and entrace u want, this being the only thing that will remain saved. but as for the roster u have to unlock them thur the fantasy warfare. good luck and hope this helps and is what u were looking for

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