• Unlockable Characters

    Clearing Story Mode in Expert Difficutly will unlock certain Character / RV for usage in the game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Aoba Anoa (Hyper) / Meta LionClear Story Mode with Aoba Anoa on Expert Difficulty.
    Esmeralda / Jade NightClear Story Mode with Ereu Tron on Expert Difficulty.
    Poini Coon / Falchion BetaClear Story Mode with Esmeralda on Expert Difficulty.

    Contributed By: Nigoli.


  • Achievements

    *There are 8 secret achievements. show

    Adam Kadmon (secret)Raised level to Adam Kadmon.100
    Anoa EXPERTSee EXPERT ending using Aoba Anoa!20
    Anoa Level UPRaise Aoba Anoa to ORDER of Archangels!30
    Anoa NORMALSee NORMAL ending using Aoba Anoa!10
    Anoa(Hyper) EXPERT (secret)Saw Anoa(Hyper) EXPERT ending.20
    AnthuriumPlay with Arnval!10
    Arnval EXPERTSee EXPERT ending using Arnval!20
    Arnval Level UPRaise Arnval to ORDER of Archangels!30
    Arnval NORMALSee NORMAL ending using Arnval!10
    Bigcore ExaminerPlay with Tita Nium!10
    Diol EXPERTSee EXPERT ending using Diol Twee!20
    Diol Level UPRaise Diol Twee to ORDER of Archangels!30
    Diol Twee NORMALSee NORMAL ending using Diol Twee!10
    Erul Tron NORMALSee NORMAL ending using Erul Tron!10
    Esmeralda EXPERT (secret)Saw Esmeralda EXPERT ending.20
    Falsion? (secret)Played with Poini Kune.10
    Gallery CompletedCollect all gallery Illustrations!50
    HadoukenPlay with Gesshi Hanafuuma!10
    Hanafuuma EXPERTSee EXPERT ending using Gesshi Hanafuuma!20
    Hanafuuma Level UPRaise Gesshi Hanafuuma to ORDER of Archangels!30
    Hanafuuma NORMALSee NORMAL ending using Gesshi Hanafuuma!10
    Jade Knight (secret)Played with Esmeralda.10
    Lord BritishPlay with Erul Tron!10
    Madoka EXPERTSee EXPERT ending using Madoka!20
    Madoka Level UPRaise Madoka to ORDER of Archangels!30
    Madoka NORMALSee NORMAL ending using Madoka!10
    Metalion (secret)Played with Aoba Anoa(Hyper).10
    Murdoch Viper2Play with Madoka!10
    Otome AceClear STORY MODE in NORMAL with all characters!60
    Otome MasterClear STORY MODE in EXPERT with all characters!100
    Poini EXPERT (secret)Saw Poini EXPERT ending.20
    Serenity ViperPlay with Diol Twee!10
    Tita EXPERTSee EXPERT ending using Tita Nium!20
    Tita Level UPRaise Tita Nium to ORDER of Archangels!30
    Tita Nium NORMALSee NORMAL ending using Tita Nium!10
    Top GunScore 10Million and check the final result!50
    Tron EXPERTSee EXPERT ending using Erul Tron!20
    Tron Level UPRaise Erul Tron to ORDER of Archangels!30
    Vic ViperPlay with Aoba Anoa!10
    Weapon Card Master (secret)Collected all Weapon Cards.60

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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