• Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    2P MC DrillUse 10 different 2P MC techniques.10
    3P MC PractiseUse 10 different 3P MC techniques.10
    4P MC TrainingUse 10 different 4P MC techniques.10
    Act. 1 CLEARClear Stages 14.5
    Act. 2 CLEARClear Stages 58.10
    Act. 3 CLEARClear Stages 912.15
    Battle MasterDefeat 10,000 enemies.20
    Chain Kill MasterAchieve a Chain Kill of 100 or more.15
    Level ManiacRaise the average level of all characters to level 50.50
    MC CollectorCollect 50 MC techniques.20
    Moon TravellerVisit all areas in all stages.25
    OverprotectiveSave your companions 10 times in a single game.10

    Contributed By: Similac.