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How are people making the flat and matte finish paint jobs?

I have found several guys now that are selling their designs for a flat finish paint job for certain cars. I am wanting to know how to make a flat finish for my cars so I can have flat finishes on cars that I cannot find the designs for.

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Shaymin82 answered:

Certain cars come with matte paint, like the Maserati GranTurismo, if you look at the car in the 'Buy Cars' section one of the colours for the car is matte black. So the colours are randomly assorted onto different cars, I've found matte paint on the 2011 BMW M5 and the Lamborghini Aventador
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Legion303 answered:

Full-car vinyl painting, presumably.
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dark_minun answered:

You can't add a matte finish to any car that doesn't have one from the factory.

If you're seeing pics of them in the Storefront, they're probably careful manipulations of photo mode and the vinyl editor to make a gloss finish look like a matte finish with one very specific angle and set of photo mode manipulations.

This trick has also been used to make cars appear to have underglow neon, or even make part of the car disappear!
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