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How to get DLC cars to drive them?

Please explain how do you get DLC cars (free or purchased from pack) to track? I see them in car list with DLC label, choose them and get the message "You need ### pack to get access to this car" even when it's already purchased by me and downloaded. Same thing with FREE cars from different packs.

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"Also, in order to get a free car from any of the packs though, you must have that pack installed.".
I don't get it. How can I install the pack without purchasing it? And if I purchase it, what the sense of "FREE" car?
I don't need any of the packs, just a couple of cars. And I purchased this cars for 160 point each and they have label "PURCHASED" in Marketplace. But when I go to Buy Car menu and select those cars, it says that I need the pack (once again, they force me to buy the hole pack even if I need one car?). I am talking about Bel Air, Impala and Eldorado Biarritz - this cars don't require Full Pack.
If I need to install the whole packs just for couple of cars, how to do this without purchasing them from Marketplace?

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ffemt2016 answered:

Double check that you have purchased them. Go to the marketplace at the main screen. You'll see the various packs available for download. If you have purchased them, it will say purchased. If not, download it if it's what you want. You may have to redownload the pack if you are having trouble with getting the car. But the rest is easy. Once you purchased the pack, go to the buy cars menu. Scroll for the car you wanted from the DLC and buy it, with credits or tokens. Then double check you garage, I do this with every car I buy and don't know why, to make sure it's there.
Also, in order to get a free car from any of the packs though, you must have that pack installed.
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