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Prize cars? 1
Other Help Answers
Can I use someone's account to download the DLCs? 1
Can you download disk 2 if you dont have the double disk edition? 1
Disc 2 content? 1
Electric/Hybrid cars help? 2
Forza 3 or Forza 4? 1
Forza 4 Essentials Edition Splt Scren Mode? 1
How do I save my replay of the race. I know where to go to view the replays but can't figure out how to save them? 1
How do you tune gears for these four types of events (Drag, Drift, All Around Circuit, Oval Ring)? 1
List of all cars with classes? 6
Mini Cooper john cooper works Club man issues? 1
My cars from Feb.'s KotT aren't there, why? 1
NTSC Region free? 1
Please explain what unicorn cars are and how you get them? 4
Recommended cars for each class? 2
Starter car body kits? 2
Transfer cars between gamertags privately? 2
Why does my Saleen Raptor make this aggravating whistling noise, and what should I upgrade to stop it? 1
Autopilot? 1
Can I still import unicorn cars? 1
Can you Race Halo 3 Warthog in Forza Motorsport 4? 1
Can you use the controller aswell instead of kinect ? 4
Cat and mouse? 3
Changing the color of cars u purchase? 1
Damage bonus? 2
Deleted my money e-mail - can I get it back? 1
Demo Derbies? 1
Does a win in rival mode count as a win for an online race? 1
Driver Level Bonus: Random? 1
Forza 4; 4 players split screen mode? 1
How do I get this thing to drift? 3
How do you get Jeremy Clarkson to do the voiceover for Autovista? 2
How to get DLC cars to drive them? 1
How/Can you transfer cars from your FM3 to FM4? 7
If i rented FM4 then buy the essentials game, can i still use everything on the game if its on my harddrive? 1
Jeremy Clarkson voice setting? 1
November speedpack not available in career mode? 1
Racing Violations? 3
Rampage Jackson's Time? 1
Starting grid? 1
The acheivement for the Cee'd on the test track? 2
Transfer data from old xbox to xbox slim? 1
What are the five most expensive cars in Forza 4? 1
What is the highest PI rating/best car in Forza 4? 1
Where can i find top gear car soccer? 1
Where is my Forza 3 money? 1
Why two discs? 2
Will you be able to put the money you have on forza 3 on to forza 4? 3

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