Question from SynisterShadowz

Asked: 4 years ago

Manual Transmission??

I've played the demo for the game but it didn't offer the option to change my transmission to manual. Is this also true in the full version of the game or can I change it?

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From: nismojoe 4 years ago

Automatic only.

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I have not seen an option for a manual transmission, I think the game is to hectic for it, once the cops get involved in a race, it get's really hectic, but it is really fun.

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This is indeed automatic only -- there's no way someone could manage a shifter in this hectic of a race.

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all the buttons are used unless yr gonna use the D-pad to change gears. dont get your hopes up but they might release dlc for a manual transmission if you all complain enough about the lacking of one. just sayin

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