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Where can I find Shanoas weapons?

Where can I find Shanoas weapons? r can she only use the rapier for melee?

gameseeker18 asked for clarification:

My assumption is that she can get weapon glyphs from projectile weapons, like the Axe Armor's flying axes. In her original game if she kills the weapon wielding monster, it would show a glyph but I've yet to see it. Do they need to set up some type of special attack, like magic casters setting up magic for her to absorb magic glyphs?

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pckardell answered:

Shanoa uses glyphs, four of these glyphs are spells and three of them are weapons.
The "weapons" are only found in boss chests and are as follows:
Rapier: you start with 2 of these silly
Lupiste (stone fist): found in, but not restricted to, ch3 boss chest
Pneuma (sparkle splash): found in, but not restricted to, ch6 boss chest

The higher the chapter/the harder the difficultly the better the drop rate.

Good Luck.
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juice1457 answered:

The glowing witches, as found near the top of level 2, make glyphs that she can absorb. There are probably only a few types of enemies that do this, so you'll have to play later levels to find more.
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wh1temage answered:

As far as I know, there are 2 enemies that can give spells. One is the the glowing white enemies that float around in stage 2 and 4. When they cast, the glyph appears above them. The second are the green skeletons that shoot beams in stage 5. To absorb the spells hold up when the glyph appears above them. I haven't seen any weapon spawns yet.
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Cloud551 answered:

Spells are acquired by absorbing glyphs, just like in OoE.

Weapons are acquired randomly from the gold chests you get after killing bosses.
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The_Strength answered:

I just got a weapon glyph from level 3 boss. Your chances of getting drops are better when you play online.
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SlushyBrah answered:

Shanoa does not get weapons she gets 3 attacks that i know of that can be set as your x and y attacks and she gets 4 spells that i know of as well you start with the fire and in chapter 2 the glowing girl that floats around hold up and you absorb her spell which is a giant ice block the floats across the screen chapter 5 you can get her last two spells which is a lightning attack that tracks and is very useful against Dracula and a purple stream you get the purple stream from the green skeletons and you get the lightning from the enemy that looks the sames as the one from chapter 2 and im pretty sure she doesnt get any other spells cause ive already beat the game on hard

p.s. if anyone needs help send me a message my gt is CompIexityz
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The_Strength answered:

Picture of menu screen:

Picture of weapon in action:
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MDanneman answered:

Another weapon (NOT spell) that Shanoa gets is the Pneuma. I got it after beating Dracula on Normal. She shoots a wave along the ground, or a wave shoots downward if you're midair. Damage isn't too great, but it has good range and hits twice if you are close enough to the enemy.
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bjrogan answered:

Shanoa only has three 'weapons', meaning attacks that can be bound to X and Y and use no mana. She starts with two Confodore glyphs, which is a basic rapier attack. The other two are Pneuma, as mentioned above, which shoots a white wave out when you attack, and the other, the name of which I can't remember, shoots a large stone fist straight forward. Pneuma and the fist only drop from boss chests.

As far as her spells go, there are four available. Ignis, which she starts with, shoots a 3-fireball spread. From the Beam Skeletons, you can absorb Nitesco, which shoots a beam straight forward that hits 3 times. From the glowing witches, you can absorb Grando, which shoots an Icicle with unlimited range, and Fulgur, which shoots a lightning bolt that is near instant, does good damage, and hits twice.

Her spells level simply by using them. After level 5, they level very, very slowly. It is worth noting that her base attack value for Confodere, Pneuma, etc, increases whenever you level one of her spells. For instance, I have all 4 spells around level 5 or 6, and my base attack value with the stone fist is now over 40, whereas it started at 18.
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