Question from glitch368

Asked: 4 years ago

Is the crissaegrim from SoTN in this one?

It was a really sweet weapon so hopefully its in this one too.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Any idea what the name of it is for this one or what drops it?

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From: master_rose 4 years ago

The Valmanway is the Cris in this game, it has been confirmed by members of the GFaqs boards and countless players.

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Someone on the message board posted that they found one. It's supposedly nerfed way down as to not be godlike as it was in SOTN.

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Though I haven't found Crissaegrim yet, and I haven't cleared many chapters, I *did* find a Heaven Sword, but it's been nerfed, not hitting on the return trip.

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Yes, it is (kinda, it's a different sword but it works the same way). And it is still broken.


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It seems like every Alucard I see has one. No idea how they get them, though.

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There is also the vorpal blade that drops from Dracula normal. Does the same thing as Crissaegrim but only one slash.

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I have only ever seen two swords that resemble the Crissaegrim. One is the Vorpal Blade, which drops from Dracula on normal mode. It's in the same style, but doesn't hit nearly as many times. The other is the Valmanway, which drops from Dracula on Hard mode. It isn't as strong, but it hits just as many times as the Cris, has the same range, and you can wield two of them. It might as well be the Crissaegrim, hehe.

Happy hunting though, some people are having a terrible time trying to find one. I managed to get my friend and I one in about eight runs. Some have reportedly gone about 30 or so with no sign of it.

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The Valmanway (Soma's best weapon) can be found in the Chapter 6 boss chest on Hard. It's a very rare drop, though (and you must play as either Soma or Alucard). Alternatively, the red chests on Chapter 5 Hard occassionally drop the Yasutsuna, which is probably Alucard's best weapon (you must play as either Soma or Alucard, if playing solo, I'd recommend Soma).

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I don't think the valmanway actually drops for Alucard. I know he can use it, but I believe it's a Soma only drop. I probably killed Drac 50 times with Alucard looking for that sword with no luck, but once I swapped to Soma I got it on my third try. Has anybody out there actually got it to drop as Alucard?

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Yes, I've seen Valmanway drop for Alucard.

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And yes, I've actually obtained the Valmanway as Alucard.

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Not exactly. I've played it for a while, and I have yet to see it. There are similar looking weapons, the Vorpal Blade, and Valmanway. But the only real weapon that hits the same way is the Valmanway, but it is not as powerful.
To get the Valmanway, open the Chapter 6 chest on hard, and there is a small chance it will appear.

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