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What are the best items and weapons for each character?

Just wondering what the best items and weapons for:


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DSLPowerhouse answered:

Soma: Weapon 1: Valmanway
Weapon 2: Valmanway
Right Bumper: I prefer medusa head so u can float and constantly attack flying bosses
Buffer: Succubus soul for health steal maxed u get 2 health per hit
Head: Dragon Helm for increase damage
Chest: Berserker Mail if u r good at perfect runs if not then draculas tunic
Legs: Winged Boots
Cape: Crimson Cloak
Ring 1: Chaos Ring or the ring that increases damage based on the amount of gold u have on hand
Ring 2: Likewise

Alucard: Weapon 1: Yasatsuna
Weapon 2: Yasatsuna
Head: Dragon Helm
Chest: Berserker Mail for damage Draculas Tunic if your not good at perfect runs
Legs: Winged Boots
Cape: Crimson Cloak
Ring 1: same as soma
Ring 2: same as soma

Jonathan im not 2 sure about cause i havent used him that much but his simons gear for armor is the best i know of, his weapon is unchangeable just increases with attack depending on your sub weapons and as for those im not sure which ones are best 2 have.

Shanoas stone fist attack is a nice projectile that can replace her rapier weapon glyph although i can't remember the name of it atm she only gets 4 magic glyphs but for her armor...
Head: Muses Tiara
Chest: Deaths Robe
Legs: Artemis Shoes for damage Winged Boots for speed
Cape: Paludamemtum
Ring 1: Sunstone or Moonstone are the best ive found but ive heard of an improved sages ring as well
Ring 2: likewise

Charlotte is the same as shanoa for armor and rings excpet the astral ring which consumes health instead of hp combined with her heal spell makes her an unstopable caster if you dont care about the no damage bonus at the end of the level. Her attack only increases with the amount of spells you master with her which is a sword at fist then upgrades to a sword and two axes after you master 4 spells and then turns into a spear and 2 maces when u master all the spells but my favorite spells with her are deathscyte, heal, energy flow, and ice needle

Hope this helps happy gaming!
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IZH-35m answered:

Uh... speaking off of personal experience, the Artemis Shoes seem to be the best footwear in the game, but they're only equippable by the female cast. Fists of Tolkus (Sp?) are good for Alucard.Demon's Mail seems to be pretty sweet, not sure which characters can or can't equip it, though. Sunstone and Moonstone are the best accessories for statboosts barring the Skull Ring, however, the Skull Ring drops your luck and curses you.
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garrastar1 answered:

Well I've been playing with Jonathan lately on chapter 6 hard, and got Simon's sandals as well as his Bandana. So far those are the best for Jonathan's legs and head. Similar to the other person who posted, Demon's mail seems the best for Alucard and Soma, ans also the Samurai Helmet and leggings are also good for those two's legs and head. The black cape is also good since it boosts your hp and mp by 13 and it has excellent DEF. For everyone in the game i think the moonstone and the sunstone is good for accesories. Alright onto Charlotte, the God's Garg seems the best armor, for the head I would say the Arachne Hennin for better DEF.
For the legs, the Artemis shoes, the cape, the Paludamentum, now the accessories. I would say to try and get two Venus Brooch's as those beat the moon and sun stones. And of course the infamous skull ring, you can go for that if you want more power but it seems as a bad idea for both women as they mostly use magic. And of course theres the Astral ring, which consumes HP rather than MP. Yeah it does seem like a bad idea but when you master the healing spell to heal more then 40 HP, It really is a good idea. A little note, when you unlock hard mode the master ring will appear in the shop for 200,000. This is good for Shanoa as well as Jonathan because those two are the only one that actually have to level up there spells/sub-weapons by hitting things. It will leveling up things much more quicker than it would usually be.
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Talos_Deschain answered:

My 2 cents, just got Dracula's whachamajiggy. Some fance word for armor. Demon mail and giant (I think) Armor both have higher def., but Dracula's comes with a whole world of stat boosts.
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n8mastt answered:

Alucard and Soma:
Head: Samurai helmet
Body: Demon's mail / mojo mail
Legs: Mercury boots / Winged boots / Samurai leggings
Cape: Crimson cloak
X button weapon: Yatsatsuma / Valmanway
Y button weapon: Yatsatsuma / Valmanway / Alucard shield

I am currently raising Charrlotte and stil dont know her best gear but this is great gear for Alucard and Soma.
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Mega_Tobal answered:

Jonathan's best Gear:
Head: Simmond's Bandana
Chest: Simmond's Breastplate
Legs: Simmond's Sandals
Cape: ?
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ShinnMNS answered:

Already pretty much finished Charlotte so here's my equipment set.

Head: Muse's Tiara
Body: Death's Robe
Legs: Artemis Shoes / Winged Boots
Cape: Paludamentum
X: Book of Binding
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Lord_Seyia answered:

I've got to say you're close on the Alucard/Soma gears but uh...

Head: Dragon Helm (This by itself seems unimpressive, lower stats than the samurai helm HOWEVER when you have your Valmanway this will lower your enemies defense and thus you will be able to hit slightly higher than if you wore the Samurai Helm.)
Body: Dracula's Tunic (It has stats far higher than the Samurai/Demon Mail or anything else for that matter)
Legs: I personally use the winged boots as once you use them once, you cannot go back...
Cape: Crimson Cloak (As previously mentioned)
Weapon 1: Valmanway
Weapon 2:Valmanway (With two if you hit both buttons at the same time they do in fact stack)

Jonathan: is pretty much the best when decked out in full Simon Belmont armor, his weapon however can never be changed, but he can be strengthened by leveling up his sub-weapons.

Shanoa: I'm not 100% on Charlotte or Shanoa as I've never personally used them in a serious match, there is a Charlotte guide and I'd go with full INT gear and USE AN ASTRAL RING, if you're any good and level her Heal spell, you can heal about 80 points, this is just ridiculous in terms of healing as you heal back way more than you ever use to cast the spell, also use Death's Scythe for killing bosses, use it directly on weak spots and watch the damage roll in.
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Siiner answered:

Depends on what kind of build you're going for. I do tank Johnny, so my gear is constantly
Head: Simon's Bandanna
Chest: Death's Cloak
Legs: Simon's Sandals
Cape: Assasain's Cape
Ring 1: Sunstone/Moonstone
Ring 2: Master Ring (Till Fully leveled. If more power is needed, a second Moon/Sunstone)
B: Shuriken
>B: Cross
^B: Holy Water
vB: Wrecking Ball
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