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Dual crushes?

I already know how to do a dual crush and have performed quite a few. if anyone could help me test and list possible combos and what said character combos produce?

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The few i have performed are,
-the laser attack 3rd form dracula uses where lasers hit in all directions for high damage: is done generally by soma and soma\alucard
-1000 blades, this is one performed by johnathan and charlotte where many knifes are thrown rapidly
-flame coat, this one is generally seen with charlotte combos where the floor/ walls get covered in fire
-cocytus, this is an ice spell that is ganerally seen with shanoa combos where ice is shot rapidly in one direction
-grand cruz, i have only seen this done by johnathan and another johnathan combo, hits multiple times for holy damage
-dark cross, done by soma and johnathan where a giant black cross rises up and hits multiple times
-meggido, generally seen in alucard combos where a very much smaller meggido surrounds the users
if you guys have anymore let me know and note that i only used proper names for ones i know and ones that i hear the name shouted for.

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Now have one new one thanks to yoko and julius being available.
yoko+julius\yoko\alucard (have not tested anyone else yet) : thor's bellow : a straight forward lighting attack. is actualy quite powerful

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The new update increased the damgae on dual crushes. found a strategy involving thor's hammer on the 3rd boss actually to beat him in under 4 minutes.

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now that ther is simon, NO new dual crushes, his is just arua crash, not even grand cross or some other special.

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What exactly effects a dual crush's damage, because i noticed an aura blast on normal seemed to deal less damage than on hard?

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I always thought it was Demonic Meggidome but eh. Also I do believe you basicly named all of them, except that the dark cross is also done with Alucard and Jonathan.

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The fiery one is also done by Charlotte + Alucard/Soma.
And yes, it is Demonic Medidome, "megi" means dark in japanese, and it is definitely a dome shape and its origins demonic.
It seems that Dual Crushes have a "priority", and that each character has their own particular one that's relatively common, along with a few special ones for related characters (Johnathan + Charlotte, for example). The fire one seems to be Charlotte's particular Dual Crush, since it seems unique to Charlotte + Various. The Charlotte + Johnathan unique one makes sense because they are from the same game, and the Alucard + Soma one because both are related somehow to Dracula. Other than that, I think it's a rock/paper/scissors sort of thing as far as which character's Dual Crush is used. Then again, I think too much, so someone should just make a table of them.

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I came across one dual crush between Shanoa and Jonathon. It generated a lightning orb and radiated arcs of lightning in multiple directions. I only got that dual crush once though, and I tried many times after that, but got cocutus every other time.

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Scratch that. I've gotten it multiple times now, but I still didn't pick up on the name.

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I've noticed two soma's beat the level 9 boss with their dual crush quite easily. It gets rid of the flies and deals massive damage to most bodyparts of Beelzebub, with only a slight margin of error (missing a single fly could potentially kill both soma's)

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