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Please will somebody list where I can find Alucard's abilities?

I know the Ectoplasms drop Summon Spirit and the Cave Trolls drop Dark Metamorphosis, but where I can find the others?

I saw such a list posted on the board the other day and I didn't think to note down what thread it was in.... :(

Many thanks for taking the time to read and/or answer this. :)

S_Jake provided additional details:

Yep, I've had Dark Metamorphosis: It's a drop from the Cave Trolls. Oddly enough, I just picked up Tetra Spirit in a red chest on Chapter 4 Hard (I'm guessing the difficulty doesn't matter). Thanks very much for the information, though. :)

I guess I may as well update this as I go unless someone provides a definitive answer in the meantime.

S_Jake provided additional details:

Oops, I meant purple chest, not red. I've also seen Tetra Spirit in the Chapter 4 hard boss chest. I've also found Hellfire in the Chapter 3 hard purple chests.

S_Jake provided additional details:

Well I've since found Soul Steal in the Chapter 6 purple chests. I think that may cover all of them....

S_Jake provided additional details:

@Pig143: Thanks very much for the information. :)

Accepted Answer

Pig143 answered:

Summon Spirit can be found from chapter1 purple/gold chest on any difficulty.

Dark Metamorphosis can be found from chapter2 purple/gold chest on any difficulty.

Hell fire can be found from chapter3 purple/gold chest on any difficulty.

Tetra spirit can be found from chapter4 purple/gold chest on any difficulty.

Soul steal can be found from chapter5&6 purple/gold chest on any difficulty.

Summon spirit can also be dropped from ectoplasm monsters found in various chapters.

Dark metamorphosis can also be dropped from cavetrolls found in various chapters

Hell fire can also be dropped from chapter6 gold chest on any difficulty.

There are probably more ways to get them but this is all i can think of
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shoggothfodder answered:

I'm pretty sure I got tetra spirit on hard lvl 4, possibly from boss. I also get lots of Dark Metamorphosis in lvl 6 as enemy drops but I can't remember which enemy.
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