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Is this coming out for the playstaion network?

Is this game going to be released for the playstation network?


That1Person answered:

No, this game will not be released on the PSN.
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S_Jake answered:

I understand that Microsoft part paid for it's development, so it'll either be XBLA exclusive or at the very least a time-based exclusive. That's not to say that the PSN won't see a similar Castlevania game sometime in the future though, especially if this one is successful.
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Seven_Zombis answered:

Hopefully not...
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scottmartin666 answered:

According to if the game sells well on XBLA then it could see a release on PSN.
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KaasChuig232331 answered:

Unlike Seven_Zombis, who seems to have a problem with PS3, I for one am very hopeful this gets a ps3 release. They have a section in ps3 of Harmony of Despair, which most if not all the boards are very recent, so hopefully that means that they are working on one.
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Raidramon0 answered:

It's available on PSN right now, as well as all the DLC.
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Mandog19 answered:

Yeah it is, its even cheaper lol, and i got my Sonic boots, Alucard Sword +1 AND Kaiser Knuckles +1 all within my first 5 runs lol
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