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Dual Crushs? they are based on what?

Just a quick question: I would like to know what are Dual Crushs based on...

some are based on STR, other on INT? or all of them have damage based on one or two stats?

Also, if ya dont mind, a descryption of every Dual Crush would be nice (like "Demonic Megiddo with Soma+Alucard, they make the famous hitkill attack of dracula, Demonic Megiddo, a dome of darkness")

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Archvelius answered:


...and Alucard
The pair cross swords and "lasers" radiate outward from between them, damaging any enemy they intersect. Based on an attack Dracula does in his final form.

...and Soma
Demonic Megiddo
Emulates Dracula's infamous attack on a smaller scale, dealing massive damage to those caught within an expanding dome of dark energy.

...and Jonathan
Summons a large, bloody cross that damages foes caught behind it.

... and Charlotte
Sets off a continuous wave of fire that spreads across the ground and (when appropriate) up walls.

...and Shanoa
Summons a floating, vertical block of snow and ice that blows gusts of frosty magic across the screen above them.
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synB4U answered:

Well, I'm not sure what everyones is but I only know 2 combinations.

Jonathan+Charlotte =1000 Blades - Jonathan launches a ton of knifes directly in front of him. physical stab move.

Charlotte+Shanoa=Cocytus - create a snowstorm that hits in a large area. Magic based Ice move probably
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Siiner answered:

Dual Johnathans: Grand Cruz, Giant Pillar of Light and Crosses. Hits directly above, has almost no range.
John + Soma: Blood Chaos (?), Tiny sliver of Blood colored energy, no range at all, hits above, heals you slightly.

(Those are all I got, and the second one I don't have the name for...)
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yoshifuzz answered:

Soma+Soma=Soul nova or something like that, its that attack that dracula uses that shoots lights across the screen, when he uses it, it 1 hits, so why do 2 somas only hit like 50 damage with each ray? :/
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