Question from Firepaw3

Whats the best weapon for alucard aside from vorpal and yasutsana?

and where can I find it? Ive been having trouble obtaining thoes two and if I had a better sword it would be easier to do alone


jhoke13 answered:

Dainslef is a great sword that you can buy from the shop once you unlock hard mode. I used that sword for most of the game until I found better stuff. The Muramasa is also quite powerful (Hard Ch.2 Boss Chest) but is difficult to acquire without some grinding unless you are lucky. Until you find a valmanway or yasutsuna I'd go with one of the weapons above, an Osafune (easier to find), or if you don't mind being in the enemies face, fists of tulcas (Hard Ch. 5-6 Purple Chests).
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Alucard3k answered:

as he say Dainsief will be u best choice i that is what i was using.
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Pig143 answered:

The Alucard sword can be found from chapter4 hard gold chest but as previously stated the muramasa gotten from chapter2 hard is slightly more powerful. The Alucard sword however still has the teleport attack from symphony of the night although the range on the normal attack seems like it has been shortened and is a cooler sword in my opinion.
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Jayv2k answered:

Valmanway, Moon Rod, Alucard Sword, and Fist of Tulkas.
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Seven_Zombis answered:

Alucard sword, or become a spell ninja
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CVJonW answered:

Fist of Tulkas definitely. I've beaten Dracula on hard into a bloody pulp with those when he was in 2nd and 3rd forms fairly quickly. I also like the Alucard Sword. But my main staple weapon is the Valmanway.
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ilikepie2122 answered:

Muramasa or the Valmanway Both very hard to get! Have fun!
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FoxFanatic1995 answered:

Get a Daybreak from Chapter 4 Normal. It's stronger than the Alucard Sword, even, and he still swings it pretty fast! And unlike hard drops, it's easy to get. Relatively.
Conversely, you can also try getting a pair of Heaven's Swords from Chapter 3 Normal.

Truthfully, I got two Daybreaks within ten runs, but luck is still luck.
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BeaconXDR answered:

They hardcore nerfed the Yatsu in the December patch of the game. Now I'd say go with either 2 Valmanway, Daybreak, or two Heaven Swords.

There's also rumors that the Shield Rod was released in Chapter 8 and others that say it'll come with Chapter 9. I can't promise it'll be any good but I know I ran thru most of SotN with that weapon.
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CVJonW answered:

2 Heaven Swords (3 Normal Boss), Badelaire (7 Hard Boss), Valmanway (6 & 7 Hard boss), Fist of Tulkas (I believe 6 & 7 Hard Boss), Moon Rod (2 Normal Boss - I think) and I believe coming soon is Shield Rod in Chapter 9
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DrStrang3Love answered:

Now if you have the update alucard has full use of the valmanway and actually attacks faster with it than soma (if you have any valmanways) and then there's always alucard sword +1 for those of you who have chapter 9 I believe
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ZehAirDruid answered:

Alucard +1, Fist of Tulkas, Kaiser Knuckles +1, Muramasa, and Muramasa+1
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ArkThompson answered:

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SmokeyMcpuff answered:

Try daybreak its available early on (ch4 boss drop) and with attack cancels you will be doing 150+ dps unfortunatly its a 2hand sword so no shield and I also need to add that I am still early on in the game and have yet to acquire a lot of weapons but I have the vorpal and I gotta say daybreak > vorpal
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yoshifuzz answered:

Kaiser Knuckles +1, Fist of Tulkas, Yasutsuna+1, Muramasa+1... This game is starting to sound like dungeons and dragons with all the +1's.
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ManForUae answered:

You Can Find The Miser Ring In Chapter 7 :
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DarkMastery24 answered:

it only depends on what your fighting if ur fighting Chapter 7 boss u need the fist of tulkas. chapter 8 valmanway to pry off the shell. chapter 9 valmanway to do damage to the arms and limbs. chapter 10 the muramasa. chapter 11 i dont know
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DarkMastery24 answered:

In chapter 7 cleopatra has a high resistance to everything except holy and fist weapons. the fist of tulkas is both
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dimitrikyger answered:

Two ways to go:

Either 2 valmanways
Yasutsuna + muramasa and alternate your attacks (swing the Yasu then the Mura) for best damage

Either way, try to get +1 for all
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xLoneWolfie answered:

Fist of Tulkas + Alucards Shield, Is what you should use until you find something better.
Even with low equip you can deal around 60 - 80 damage per hit, And you do hit decently fast!
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Somanway answered:

Fist of Tulkas, Kaiser Knuckle +1, Valmanway, Valmanway +1, Daybreak, Heaven's Sword, Muramasa and Muramasa +1 are pretty decent for Alucard. That's if you don't want Yasutsunas. Otherwise, dual wielding yasutusna +1s ain't too bad either. Below I'll give the pros and cons of each.

FoT: Good damage knuckle. Fast attack speed too.

Kaiser +1: Same as FoT, except more powerful.

Valmanway/+1: Low damage, SUPER ATTACK SPEED. Recommended for those with misers, zerkers, etc

Daybreak: Summons high damage undead allies. Now ain't that awesome?

Heaven's Sword: Get two of these. They hit hundreds of times with their QCF special.

Muramasa/+1: Same as Yasutsuna, just slower and much stronger.

Hope that helps!
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