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Has anyone else have trouble with getting hellfire from drac with Charlotte?

I have been have such a damn hard time does anyone know a good way to get this f ' ing hellfire up?

SkymasterZ4 provided additional details:

True i did eventually get it, but only after 4 hours after posting this. ( and it was about 5 drac runs straight) and i had the best lucky when i did the bound spell RIGHT before it hit me. I tried MND up but lucky works better.

SkymasterZ4 provided additional details:

Okay thanks guys I have a full Charlotte now, and three other characters maxed out!


Sandvich21 answered:

Raise mind, avoid absorbing dark inferno, and most importantly patience
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S_Jake answered:

In response to the above, I'm not convinced that raising MND (or LCK, for that matter) actually helps with Charlotte's spell absorption. The other two points are definitely valid, though.
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ShiitakeWarrior answered:

Binding a spell, no matter which one, is purely down to chance. Raising Charlotte's stats (including MND and LCK) will have very little effect - if any - on this. The best thing to do is to keep trying to bind the spell you're after (in this case: Hellfire), and be patient as you go.
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Jwguy answered:

MND was supposedly verified to have an effect on spell absorption with Charlotte, but aside from that, you must make sure that you do not absorb any other spells from him (Dark Inferno) during the run. The effect could be large, or small, but the end result is that chance plays the largest hand in it all.
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ilikepie2122 answered:

MND DOES NOT Effect your spell absorb Konami Confirmed that it TTLY RANDOM. :) GL
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viviciuszn answered:

Luck DOES help, each point adds as Soma Souls, 0.1% each point of luck.
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FingerKing_Jack answered:

I've gotta say, I heard all the same stuff about how raising MND increases your chanced of binding a spell quicker, and I think its just totally random.

I've got my character MND at around 38 I think and sometimes, she binds spells really quickly, and other times, it can literally take up to 20 minutes.

I think it all varies on what spell you want to bind I.E the spell 'Splash Needle' I maxed out in 2 runs of the first level. Where as Heal, I must of played through level 4 around 30 times and my Heal is only 4 bars complete.

Konami knows what spells you want....
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