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How do I beat menace? chapter 3 boss

How do i beat menace with alucard? im playing on normal diffulculty and i keep running out of time please help

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RPAnderson answered:

First you need to pull the lever on the left side to move the platform. This will allow you to gain access to the head when you fight him. unlike the rest of his body, the head, heart and one of the knees can actually be dealt normal damage. So once you begin fighting, try hacking at the glowing knee first. Or you could just go straight to the extended platform and start with the fa
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scudman64 answered:

If your trying to beat menace on normal, chances are your probably going to need better weapons, try going through in multi player, collect some better weapons/armor , I can beat menace solo now on normal just by attacking his feet with the yatsuna (sp?) hes got alot of health, but if you can dish it better, you can burn thru it.
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scudman64 answered:

you can only deal 1 damage to his feet, try using the Basalard, its a weapon you can acquire early on, and it can attack really fast.
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RPAnderson answered:

Sorry. ...the face. If the face is destroyed and the boss still lives, it's easiest to finish him off by attacking his knee.
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