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New items in chapter 8?

What are some of the new drops for chapter 8? i have seen impervious helm,artesmian/apollonium ring, legion soul, globus, and javelin. is there any thing for alucard or did he and charlette not recieve anything new?

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Strangely, the Boards are actually more helpful than the FAQs:

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Globus - magic glyph for Shanoa, ball that bounces, purple/boss chests, any dificulty
Javelin - spear that you throw (Jonathan, Richter and Julius), try to aim at monsters feet, purple/boss chests, any dificulty

Artemisian Ring/Apollonian Ring - Same as Sunstone/Moonstone, but a lot better (instead of +2 stats, its +4), purple/boss chests, normal

Impervious Helm - Purple chests hard?

Simon's Cloak - Boss Drop, Hard, for Jonathan/Richter/Julius, equips in back and gives fancy stats ;D

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Simon's cloak

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Legion Soul (Legion Boss chest obviously) and Slide/Slick boots (basically an upgraded version of those pretty crappy increase-sliding-distance boots) from Legions boss chest on normal difficulty.

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