Question from goliath1357

How many martial arts do julius have? And where can i find them?

Where and how martial arts do julius belmont have? Plez answer this question. Thank u :)


taskerMX answered:

Omnia Vanitas:

Chapter 5 Normal/Hard
Chapter 8 Normal/Hard
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L10nH34Rt answered:

Uppercut: Chapter 4 Green/Blue/Purple/Boss on both Normal and Hard
Omnia Vanitas: Chapter 5, 7, 8 Green/Blue/Purple/Boss on both Normal and Hard
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original420 answered:

L10nH34Rt is right except i have never seen them drop from blue chests, i've only seen them drop from green, purple, and boss chests.
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L10nH34Rt answered:

Yes but blue=green if your are running solo ;)
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Akijo answered:

I can confirm that Omnia Vanitas can be dropped from chapter 9 hard and chapter 10 normal
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KFrosty3 answered:

Uppercut: Chapter 4 green/blue/purple/Boss (both difficulties)
Omnia Varitas: Chapter 5, 7, 8 green/blue/purple/Boss (both difficulties)

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