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Is there a limit on maxing the badelaires strength?

I played another hour with alucard and my badelaire didn't go up my max hours with alucard is 16.

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UPDATE: With 75 hours on alucard my badelaire only is +63 atk. Keep viewing my question cause i'll give another update in 100 hours on alucard since nobody is certain or can be trusted ill find out by myself:)

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I meant to say alone (only=alone).

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Sorry, i didn't unequip everything its + 58 alone at 77 hours

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Update: With badelaire alone its +66 atk with 100 hours not including the initial +1 atk that all characters begin with, hopefully it keeps going up

Derekd7777 provided additional details:

Im at 105 hours the badelaire has never gone up a single atk point.


Kaiser98821 answered:

As far as I know the Badelaire gets strong very slowly. Some say it caps around 99 hrs, others say less (not capping it out myself, I can't say for certain). In any case, you shouldn't be anywhere near capping it at 16 hrs.
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jonoisgood answered:

it might end up at max power having a few more attack than Alucard sword +1 but it attacks more slowly, and I'm pretty sure that Muramasa +1 will always be stronger
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