Question from sarah689

Which level?

Which ones are the plus ones? I know the Valmanway and the Claihm Solias or whatever it is and the Kaiser Knuckles. Where can all the +1 be found in which chapters?


kurakashi answered:

val and claihm +1 both from chap. 10 kk+1 from chap. 9 Muramasa+1 from chap. 11 oh and alucard sword+1 from 9 as well
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MainGator answered:

Muramasa+1 and Yatsusuna+1 on chpt 11, Valmanway+1 and Claihm+1 on chpt 10, Alucard Sword+1 and Kaiser Knucks+1 on chpt 9.
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t_EphY answered:

Chapter 9: Alucard Sword +1, Kaiser Knuckles +1
Chapter 10: Valmanway +1, Claimh Solais +1
Chapter 11: Muramasa +1, Yasutsuna +1
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