Question from LightMegaSP

Asked: 2 years ago

Specifics on Simon's Cloak and the Retro gear?

I've been doing some item hunting/grinding, and the Castlevania wiki has helped me out for the most part. However, the five pieces of gear I'm aiming for right now seem to lack specifics on where to grab them. All I know is Simon's Cloak is found somewhere in Chapter 8, and the Retro equips are in Chapter 10. The question is... Where in these chapters? Purple chests? Enemy drops? Boss chests? I can't seem to find an answer. Can anyone help me, please?

Accepted Answer

From: ox_Sephiroth_xo 2 years ago

Simons cloak- ch.8 hard boss chest
Retro cloak- ch.10 normal boss chest
Retro helm/armor/boots- ch.10 hard boss chest

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Boss chest

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