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Asked: 2 years ago

Level 2 - are there rooms you can't jump out of it?

On level 2, I encountered two areas that I could not jump out of. Both were in the top right corner. One was almost directly below the book in the top right corner. You go down, and a half staircase drops into an area with a rubble pile, a Yorick, one other monster and a chest. You can destroy the bottom stair on the staircase above for a tasty meat.

Before or after destroying the stair step, I could not double jump out of this room or get out in any other normal way. (I did manage to escape once using Soma's Yorick summon to bounce off). Is this supposed to be an inescapable room?

Then, a little to the left, there's a dropdown with flames barring the path. Again, I could only get out using the Yorick.

Just wondering if these are meant to be traps or if there is a way I'm missing to escape them.

Accepted Answer

From: ZhugeSong 2 years ago

The one with the Tasty Meat can be escaped by double jumping from the pile of bones. The flame pillar room can be escaped by double jumping up onto the thin floor you dropped through.

Are you using your double jump at the top of your normal jump? Hold the jump button until you reach the top of your jump then double jump.

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