Answered Questions

Item Location Help Answers
"New" items? 3
+1 Weapons? 2
Alucard's Dark Inferno? 2
Alucards Abilities? 4
Any body know if the gravity boots are in this? 2
Are all of the Fuma Gear only available in Hard? 1
Are there any other gun-type weapons? 1
Are they going to eventually add the twighlight cloak? 1
Are you people sure that Globus is found in purple chests in ch. 8? 1
Berserker Mail? 3
Best Way to Get Winged Boots? 4
Best way to level the Ricochet Rock? 1
Black cloak or Crimson cloak? 1
Blessed Ring - does this thing work? 1
Can fuma equip retro armor? 1
Can getsu fuma find the retro armor on lvl 10? 1
Can Soma use the Vorpal Blade? 6
Can u get midnight cloak in castlvania HD anyone know? 1
Can you only find drops your character is able to use? 1
Cant get second valmanway? 2
Charlotte Spell Learning? 3
Claim Solais? 1
Colorful Chests? 1
Could someone let me know where these items are? 4
Death Scythe? 4
Do I need to be Soma to get valmanway? 1
Do more items ever get added to the shop? And if so, how? 2
does anyone know all the subweapon locations for Richter/Julius? 1
Does anyone know what stat each food gives? 1
Does food of the same class stack? 1
Does luck do anything? 4
Does luk help find better items? 6
Does Menace have a soul? 1
Does the Master Ring effect stack? 1
Does the thief ring help with boss soul drops? 1
Fast Movement? 1
Food pickups a permanent stat increase? 2
Good 1 and 2 handed weapons for Soma, and best souls? 4
Hey is the shield rod in this game? 1
How can I revive a fallen co-player? 1
How do I get past level 8 with Jonathan's knife? 3
How do you use items ingame? 2
How does obtaining items from bosses, enemies, and chests work? 1
How many Martial Arts and Sub Weapons does Jonathan have? 2
How to turn Soma into a Beast? 1
Is the crissaegrim from SoTN in this one? 12
Is the Heart Brooch worthless? 1
Johnathan's Whip, does it change? 3
Jonathan Morris Subweapons? 1
Jonathan's sub weapons levels? 3
Jonathan's Weapons? 2
Konami man? 2
Level 1 scale help? 5
Martial arts? 3
Miser Ring Help!!!!!!? 4
New character's items? 1
Please will somebody list where I can find Alucard's abilities? 2
Rare item from each boss on hard and normal? 2
Shanoa has a new spell? 1
Simon's Flame Whip? 3
Soma's souls.... ? 1
Somas gergoth, creature, and dead warrior drop rate? 1
Specifics on Simon's Cloak and the Retro gear? 2
Sub-weapon glitch? 4
Sunstone/Moonstone times? 1
Tear of Blood? 1
The bible? 2
Ueber fast weapon - What's its name and where to find it? 2
Valmanway and Winged Boots? 3
Valmungway on alucard? 2
Weapon glyphs? 1
What are Richter's Sub weapons and where can i find them? 1
What are the best items and weapons for each character? 9
What are the best shop-bought weapons for Alucard? 2
What are the locations of the secret items? 13
What are the stats on Death's Robe? 2
What character(s) does the Final Guard's ring mail drop for? 5
what does alt do on ( Yasutsuna)? 4
What does leveling up the healing spell do in Castlevania Harmony of Dispair? 1
What does the Bell do? 1
What does the piano in Level 2 do? 10
What does the skull mask do? 1
What does the thief ring do exactly? 6
What drops Hellfire for Alucard besides Dracula? 1
What is Shanoa's best equipments E.g. Armor? 1
What Item(s) Do I Need To Run Faster? 2
Where can I find (Mournblade)? 2
Where can I find a Cross for Jonathan? 2
Where can I find a stronger main weapon for Charlotte? 4
Where can I find a Yasutsuna+1? 1
Where can i find all of the martial arts for all charcters? 2
Where can I find an item to improve the succubus spell ? 3
Where can I find Astral Ring? 3
Where can I find Fist of Tulkas? 3
Where can I find fumas armor? 1
Where can I find Gunger? 4
Where can I find Jonathan's other martial arts? 3
Where can I find Magus Ring? 1
Where can I find mjolnir (thunder mace)? 2
Where can I find Retro(R.) Subweapons? 2
Where can I find Rosary? what are it's stats? 1
Where can I find Shanoas dlc weapons? 2
Where can I find Shanoas weapons? 9
Where can I find Simon's gear? 2
Where can I find Spoiled Milk? 1
Where can I find the Alucard Sword? 4
Where can I find the Chaos Ring? 1
Where can I find the Charm Necklace? 1
Where can I find the Daybreaker? 4
Where can I find the Gold Ring? 1
Where can I find the heaven sword or rune sword? 3
Where can I find the holy water for jonathan morris? 1
Where can I find the Master's Ring? 1
Where can I find the Mercury Boots? 2
Where can I find the Moon Rod? 1
Where can I find The Muramasa? 2
Where can I find the Valmanway? 1
Where can I find these sub weapons? 3
Where can I find Thiefs ring? 1
Where can I find Three 7s? 2
Where can I find Vorpal Blade? 2
Where can I find winged boots? 2
Where can I find Yasutsuna or that val sword? 1
Where do you find all of Jonathan's subweapons? 6
Where does Nebula drop? 4
Which item, and where is it? 1
Who can find Mjolnir? 1
Who can wear the royal crown? 3
Why will the miser ring not drop for me??? 1
Yasutsuna help? 1
Yoko spells? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Charlotte's Elements? 1
Diagonal quick kick ? 4
Do DLC subs increase whip users attack when maxed too? 2
Dual Crushs? they are based on what? 4
Faster way to level Charlotte's Hellfire spell? 8
Fuma (newest character), does he get any new sub weapons? 1
Glowing Chest, Glowing Chance? 5
Having Problems Leveling Up Shanoa? 3
How can i do a Jump Kick? 1
How do people walk so fast? 1
How do u get infinite mana or magic? 3
How do you bring teammates back to life? 3
How do you cast spells when cursed? 6
How do you get Delta Spark? 2
How do you level up Charlotte's healing and other spells? 1
How do you level up martial arts? 1
How many sub-weapons need to be maxed for the whip users to max out whip damage? 1
Informations Charlotte's Heal? 2
Is Acerbatus BDC-able? 1
Is there a way to increase the rate at which Soma gets souls? 2
Is there a way to see weapon mastery stats? 1
Johnathon sub-weapon leveling? 2
Jonathan's subweapons? 1
Levelling charolete's spells? 1
Maria healing? 1
Question about shanoa and 1 about charolete? 5
What creatures on Map 1 have glyphs to absorb? 4
What do the stats mean and do? 6
What element are weapons/souls/skills? 1
What happens if I find 9 of the same soul? 1
What is slot alternating? 1
What is the best way to level masteries with Shanoa and Johnathan? 3
What stat helps Charlotte learn spells? 7
Whats the best way to increase my strength with Fuma? 2
Which is best for Alucard? 3
which of Jonathan's sub weapons you can't dash cancel? 2
Why does Julius' subweapons level up so slowly? 5

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