Question from Alan21279

Asked: 2 years ago

How do I solve Prison Workshop Code?

After getting the UV light in the prison, I found 4 numbers in the workshop by following the invisible shoe prints....numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5. Is there another number I've missed? Is this even the code I need to open the door near the workshop?

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From: RineN1 2 years ago

Or in other words, the pass is 22345 ;D

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In the same room where you pick up the UV lantern, the first numbre is written on the roof

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That code is not working for me, I tried it numerous times. Also, the #2 on the ceiling in the UV room isn't showing... :(

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the Code is 2345

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There are two different codes to be entered on this one. If you are on an easier setting you'll notice that there is a 'smudged' out button and that is a hint for only the #2345. On the latter it will be 22345.

Note: # = smudged out keypad.

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