• Achievements

    AntilliaComplete the Act 120
    BahamutGet 5 kills in a row without dying5
    DagonComplete the Act 220
    Electromagnetic PulpKill 20 enemies with the EMP attachment grenade30
    Hammer of VulcanKill 5 AD-4 Vulcan Engineers10
    Intel AnalystRecover 10 data discs20
    JormungandWin a match without dying5
    MegalodonGet 15 kills in a row without dying10
    MultifacetedWin a multiplayer match on each of the 5 maps20
    Nice Ghoul Like YouReprogram 10 UD-3 Ghoul Scouts20
    SargassoComplete the Act 320
    Shotgun WettingGet 50 shotgun kills20

    Contributed By: Guard Master.