Question from SaikaiBushido

Will there be any way to lift the poison cloud over the valley from the first half of the game?

In Ego Draconis I was kind of disappointed that there was no way to clear the poison cloud over the region that made up the first half of the game, and I wad wondering if at any point in the Dragon Knight Saga I would be able to restore the valley, and the Battle Tower island for that matter, to their former glory.

SaikaiBushido provided additional details:

Sorry if I wasn't clear. I played most of the way through Ego Draconis and I know that you can restore parts of the battle tower, i.e. the four platforms and the throne room. I was talking about the rest of the island, the area where you wander around while you pick out your servants, and the lower levels of the tower's interior. Those are the areas I meant.


Kileal answered:

To answer your question, no, and yes. You can not restore the valley, but you can restore the battle towers island
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shellcap answered:

The areas that become poisoned in ego draconis never become un-poisoned either in the Ego Draconis part of the game, or in the Flames expansion.
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