Upcoming Xbox 360 Game Releases

04/23 North America Defense Technica
Legend of Max
Japan Defense Technica
Monster Hunter Frontier GG (Premium Package)
Europe Defense Technica
04/24 Japan 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
Ga-Sen Love Plus Pengo!
04/25 North America Dustforce
Europe Dustforce
Kick-Ass 2
Australia Dustforce
04/29 North America Darksiders Collection
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
04/30 North America Child of Light
Europe Child of Light
Australia Child of Light
05/01 Japan Child of Light
Ginga Force (Wonder Price)
05/02 Europe Anna: Extended Edition
Blood Bath
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
05/07 North America Peggle 2
Europe Raven's Cry
Australia The Amazing Spider-Man 2
05/08 Australia Bound by Flame
05/09 North America Bound by Flame
Europe Bound by Flame
05/14 North America Blood of the Werewolf
05/20 North America Wolfenstein: The New Order
Europe Wolfenstein: The New Order
Australia Wolfenstein: The New Order
05/22 Japan Cave Shooting Collection Kan
05/23 Europe F1 2013 (Complete Edition)
05/27 North America Watch Dogs
Europe Watch Dogs
Australia Watch Dogs
05/28 North America Slender: The Arrival
05/29 Japan Trials Fusion
06/03 North America Murdered: Soul Suspect
06/05 Japan Tsurugi no Machi no Ihoujin: Shiro no Oukyuu
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Australia Murdered: Soul Suspect (Limited Edition)
06/06 Europe Murdered: Soul Suspect
06/10 North America Enemy Front
How to Train Your Dragon 2
06/12 Japan Thief
Australia Enemy Front
06/13 Europe How to Train Your Dragon 2
06/19 Australia How to Train Your Dragon 2
06/24 North America GRID Autosport (Limited Black Edition)
Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark
06/25 Japan Pac-Man Museum
Australia Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark
06/26 Japan F1 2013 (Complete Edition)
Watch Dogs
Australia Sniper Elite 3
06/27 North America GRID Autosport
Tropico 5
Europe GRID Autosport
MotoGP 14
Sniper Elite 3
Tropico 5
07/01 North America Sniper Elite 3
07/17 Japan Murdered: Tamashii no Yobu Koe
08/07 Japan Ultra Street Fighter IV
08/26 North America Sacred 3
The Evil Within
08/28 Australia Sacred 3 (First Edition)
The Evil Within
08/29 North America Anna: Extended Edition
Europe The Evil Within
09/09 North America Destiny
Australia Destiny
10/05 North America Skylanders Trap Team
10/07 North America Alien: Isolation
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Europe Alien: Isolation
Australia Alien: Isolation
10/08 Australia Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
10/09 Australia Dragon Age III: Inquisition
10/31 North America Costume Quest 2