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Demolish the Developers - Live from PAX East 201404/14/14
Titanfall on the Xbox 36004/11/14
Titanfall: Xbox One vs. Xbox 360 - Graphics Comparison04/11/14
GS News Update - Xbox One Titanfall bundle slashed to the same price as a PS4 in UK04/11/14
GS News Update: Massive Titanfall patch arrives today, adds private matches and kills wall-hacks04/10/14
Titanfall on Xbox 360 - Attrition match - Gameplay04/09/14
Titanfall on Xbox 360 - Capture the Flag - Gameplay04/09/14
Titanfall gameplay on the Xbox 360 - The Lobby04/08/14
Titanfall x360, Dark Souls II PC - The Lobby04/08/14
GS News Update: Xbox One DRM/online controversy "hurt me personally" says Phil Spencer04/07/14
GS News Update: Now you can get an Xbox One, Titanfall, and 12 months of Xbox Live for $45004/07/14
GS News - Backwards Compatibility On Xbox One; New Borderlands Game?04/07/14
PAX East 2014: Demolish The Developers and The Lobby Trailer04/07/14
Titanfall on X360, The Wolf Among Us Ep. 3, and Kinect Sports Rivals - New Releases04/06/14
GS News Update: Titanfall on Xbox 360 runs above 30 fps04/04/14
GS News Update: Titanfall on Xbox 360 runs above 30 fps04/04/14
Titanfall - The Power of the Cloud Trailer04/03/14
Game of the Month: March 201404/03/14
Loadouts and Best Routes - Titanfall03/30/14
GS News - CliffyB Attacks Notch over Oculus, Last Of Us Coming To PS4?03/27/14
GS News - Battlefield 4 had “Dirt All Over It” + Secret Xbox One GPU?03/25/14
GS News Update - EA won't be named "Worst Company in America" this year03/25/14
GS News Top 5 - EA and Titanfall Disappoint, All The PS4 VR Details!03/21/14
GameSpot GamePlay Podcast Episode 66 - Devil Dance03/21/14
GS News Update - Xbox One Titanfall bundle drops to $450 at Walmart and Best Buy03/21/14

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